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"Hindi lahat ng minamahal dapat ipaglaban at hindi lahat ng nagmamahal sa'yo dapat mong saktan." (Not all you love worth fighting for and you must not hurt those that loves you.)

Love is a reason why a relationship existed. Otherwise, it would just be a companionship, no intense feeling at all. As long as I am being loved the way I love and care then I would fight the love we have for each other even it would risk my life. I am so lovable! Hence, I would first be so sad if I see somebody fall.

Love is a matter of giving and taking! Not just simply giving or taking :)

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AGE 25 years old
HEIGHT 6' (183cm.)
WEIGHT 177lbs. (80kgs.)
Would you LIKE him?


  1. The best therapist of Real extreme. Khit unang beses pa lang niya magmassage sakin ay parang 2 taon na ko kilala. Keep it up RJ body builder. Puwede ka ng Head therapist. Very professional sa client.

  2. Good day!
    Magtatanong lang kung available pa si RJ II for booking? Thanks and godbless :)

  3. Yes, he's available 24/7! :)
    Thanks & GBY, too...

  4. Nagduduty pa po ba si RJ II? kelan sia pede?

    1. Nakaduty po sya ngayon, daily po. You can call us anytime for your reservation.

      Thanks for asking and sorry for late reply. :(

  5. Nanjan pa ba si RJ? Available ba sya?

    1. Yes, he's on-duty 24/7! :)
      You can reserve to avail of his service anytime.

  6. Available pa ba si RJ II?

  7. There's A LOT of good things I can say about RJ II.

    His very humble and down-to-earth nature has attracted me to him so much that I've wanted to make friends with him. His perfectly tender hands did not cause any twinge on any part of my body, yet they were firm enough to have completely rubbed away ALL THE STRESS I had suffered from my extremely demanding profession. There was NEVER a dull moment with him being a NATURAL and SMART conversationalist, so my time with him NEVER seemed like a paid service at all. His attributes and overall performance exceeded all of my expectations - the authority and command of his masculinity and stature, the warmth of his presence, his perfect touch, the spontaneity of our conversation, and his giving disposition, to name a few. He has limits, however, on what he would do for a client, which is something that every STRAIGHT AND PRINCIPLED man should have.

    For now, I can say that all my stress and emotional vacuum are a thing of the past.

    I understand that there is a narrow, deeply entrenched stereotype of this service and the people that do it for a living (which was what made me quite RELUCTANT for years to go out and resort to this service), but this guy BROKE that long-standing stereotype irreversibly, at least for me. It is because of RJ II that my thoughts about this service has taken a full turn. I NEVER thought a great experience with a GREAT GUY could do all the magic. RJ II is the kind of person that Real Extreme Touch needs.

    RJ II ABSOLUTELY DESERVES MORE AND BETTER. Give him AN OPEN COMMENDATION in front of the ENTIRE management and all the staff. His is a role model, the kind of guy and masseur to be. But more than just a commendation, give him at least a SALARY RAISE or a PROMOTION.





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