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"Minsan may mga taong iniiwasan mong pansinin pero ang puso gustung-gusto siyang kumustahin." (Sometimes you are trying to avoid noticing a certain person, however your heart is so eager to greet him/her.)

We're too sulky most of the time. We don't want to talk to those persons, most often our love ones, who have hurt us a bit. Sometimes, it takes too long before our emotions subside. We're too difficult to be propitiated. Why it is so hard to vow down, cut those ego, instead...

Actually, when we are alone, we regret every chances that we should have initiated a talk. We should not let the fire grows higher or spread wider, fix it immediately. At the end of the day, we love each other.

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I am willing to travel anywhere in Metro Manila just to give you the relaxation massage that you wish for. I'll be there for you anytime 24/7". - RETPeter

AGE 23 years old
HEIGHT 5'9" (175cm.)
WEIGHT 160lbs. (73kgs.)
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