CHARLES, A Relieving Touch of a Real Handsome Masseur

"Mahirap ang daan tungo sa katalinuhan, ngunit mas mahirap ang daan ng habang buhay na mangmang." (The way towards intelligence is hard, but the way of foolishness is harder if it would be forever.)

When I was still studying, not to brag but I was smart, if I wasn't just a "working-student" I would probably be able to get past the top 1 in my class. If my classmates reviews their lessons all night, to me, I can only do it in just an hour.

The problem is, even if you are smart if you are poor, you will have to deal with any hardship, until then you will reach the pinnacle of success.

Effort comes from a determination, discipline and strategy. Because of this comes the power to flow continuous grace from God.

[Filipino Translation of the above] 

Noong ako ay nag-aaral pa, hindi sa pagmamayabang pero matalino ako, kung hindi lang ako "working-student" malamang malalagpasan ko pa ang mga nangunguna sa klase ko. Kung ang mga kaklase ko nagrereview  nang magdamagan, sa akin, kaya ko lamang sa isang oras. 

Ang problema, kahit matalino ka kung kapos ka sa buhay, susuuingin mo kahit anong hirap, marating mo lang ang tugatog ng tagumpay. 

Ang pagsisikap ay nagmumula sa isang determinasyon, disiplina at diskarte. Dahil dito nagmumula ang lakas para pagdaloy ng patuloy na biyaya mula sa Diyos.  

"Massage decreases frequency and severity of tension headaches; so then, if you avail my massage, I will ensure you it would be worth it. " Real Extreme Masseur Charles

AGE 20 years old
HEIGHT 5'7" (170cm.)
WEIGHT 125lbs. (57 kgs.)

We heard you, our Dearest Clients!

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