ePay: Online Payment via Debit & Credit Card is Now Acceptable here at RET

We heard you, our Dearest Clients/Guests,
So meanwhile, let's see what Tom & Jerry what to say...

[Transcript of Conversation]

Scene 1

Tom: Hey! I have Great News... I heard the RET is now accepting Debit & Credit Card Payment
for Outcall & Walk-in Services...

Jerry: Wow! So I don’t need to bring cash anymore... I will use my cash to my other needs then..

Scene 2

Jerry: Hmmm... it’s timely I will book a home service now. Just here at home ‘coz I’m so  tired & stressed the whole day. By the way, how would I pay? 

Tom: Well, it’s so easy... Take your laptop / mobile phone then go to On the MENU, click on “ePay” after that pick your preferred service and then click “Pay Now”.
During the payment process, you’ll be asked to provide the ff: Name of Masseur/s, Date, Time & Location

Scene 3

Tom: Watch! Select your preferred Masseur/s here. Though, not all masseurs are included but sufficient choices already. Francis, Troi & other newests are not on the video now.

Scene 4

Tom: WAIT!!! where are you going??? You told me that you’re going to stay home, You must be here, I’ll go to RET now. COME HERE! 

Jerry: Don’t you know while watching... I already booked a hotel and paid via Credit Card. See you later...

Scene 5

Jerry: Bye! Bye!!! Thanks for the information... See you later!!!RET wait for me!

Scene 6 & 7

Tom wasn’t able to stop Jerry, Tom took his massage at home via Outcall Service using his Debit Card.

While Jerry enjoys the massage at Real Extreme Touch SPA via Walk-in Service using his Credit Card.

At the end, their extra Cash was bought with a delicious yummy cheese and they share together...

Tom: What are you waiting for... Book now at See you!

Jerry: Get updaated at liking...

Quick Info


Zenjie, The Lovable Masseur

"Tampuhang walang katapusan, Tinatapos sa hiwalayan." (Endless sulking, Ends up breaking.)

It would always be better to humble yourself in order to lighten any situations before it fires-up. I realized on the past that it would be better to release your "hurt-feeling" than keeping it by yourself or just being silence. Or it would be better to lengthen such patience in order to pacify any situations.

If you're mad on the person, just keep for while let it pass in one hour before you move. Give time for yourself to calm down first.

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"Let me be the one to increasing your Flexibility! Whether you're an avid athlete who is constantly putting stress on your knees or a middle-aged adult who has lost some range of motion in your hips, staying flexible is key. With my massage, it can help you maintain flexibility and range of motion by working the muscles, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments, and by stimulating the production and retention of the natural lubricants between the connective tissue fibers.... RealExtremeMasseurZenjie

NAME Zenjie
AGE 24 years old
HEIGHT 5'8" (173cm.)
WEIGHT 155lbs. (70kgs.)
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RyeJye, The Sweetest Young Masseur

"Humanap ka ng taong napapangiti ka kahit tingin lang nya. Hindi yung umiiyak ka na, nakangiti pa din sya." (Look for someone who makes you smile though just as he looks at you. No the one who is smilling even though your crying...)

If I could be the person that makes your world go round then It's pleasure to be with you 24/7/365! I am so sensitive to feel your needs and I am tough to be your shield on those who would like to destroy you.

Try to smile with 5 people in a day and everyday then how joyful the world would be because of you...

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"Let my massage decreases  your frequency and severity of tension headaches. Be my touch, safe, friendly and professional, would be give you an incredibly therapeutic and relaxing... " - RETRyeJye

NAME RyeJye (pronouce it as RayJay)
AGE 19 years old
HEIGHT 5'4" (163cm.)
WEIGHT 125lbs. (57kgs.)
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Real Extreme Masseur MATH

"Hindi lahat ng tahimik nasa loob ang kulo, Sila lang kasi yung tipong marunong mag-isip bago kumibo." (Not everyone who is quiet are bad inside, they're just think first before they move..)

I am a person who do not need to tell every details of my actions. I just want that my thoughts becomes a reality not just mere imaginations. You may spread anything in forms of gossips (or whatever forms) that you want to tell me on my back... you may want to do things against me but I will tell you I know exactly how to attack you with God's guidance.

Why not just think good things to your fellows and live happily together? Let's make the world full of smiles not hatred.

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"Since Massage helps improves body circulations which brings damaged, stiff, and tense muscles the rich blood supply they need to promote healing; and since it improves posture which can help get the body back into proper alignment. May I humbly be at your service. " - RETMath

AGE 19 years old
HEIGHT 5'5" (165cm.)
WEIGHT 125lbs. (57kgs.)
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#ShiningStar: Top 5 Performing Masseurs (March 2019)

"Congratulations to the #RETMen Top 5 Performers for March 2019" (Mainit na Pagbati sa mga #RETMen Top 5 Performers ng buwan ng Marso sa taong kasalukuyan, 2019)

The entire RET Staff & Management is proud and thankful for the excellent performance of our Top 5 #RealExtremeMen for the month, March 2019. Evidently, these Top 5's are the Shining Stars in the heart of our Clients;

These Top 5 Performers have been selected because of the following criteria;

  1. Most Requested by Clients
  2. Most Numbered of Returned Clients
  3. Most Appreciated Performance by Clients

We thank you, Dearest Clients, for your trust and patronage to our Masseurs and to Real Extreme Touch. Their ranks will still rely on you on April 2019.

Likewise, the above awardees received Cash Prizes and other Benefits as per RET Rewards Policies.

[Wanna see the All the Photos of these Topnotchers? Click HERE to DOWNLOAD!]

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It's our commitment to render the best service that you're expecting from our Masseurs. Rest assured that wherever you are, within or outside Metro Manila or by way of visiting us, our  massage will be topnotch for your ultimate relaxation and satisfaction. " - #The RETShiningMasseurs

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ALLAN, The Passionate Masseur

"Ang PAGSUSULAT, kapag masyado mong diniinan hanggang sa susunod na pahina nagmamarka. Katulad ng PAGMAMAHAL kapag masyado mong ibinigay lahat, yung sakit na gawa ng nakaraan, dala pa rin hanggang kasalukuyan." (In (manual) WRITING if you press too hard, it will leave a marks on next page(s). It is just like LOVE when you give everything to someone, the pain of the past, still lives up to now..)

Love is perfect to someone. It can not be measured by any forms or any means... It either ceaseless or forever and  'till death to heaven. I treasure every good and wonderful memories that marks our love together.

I just want to love you. If you gonna hurt, it's up to you. What I know is "loving you!".

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"It's no secret that my massage relaxes you and makes you feel good mentally which improves your mood in general and accordingly increase the “feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine”.  " - RETAllan

AGE 29 years old
HEIGHT 5'8" (173cm.)
WEIGHT 170lbs. (77kgs.)
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Real Extreme Masseur Migz

"Hindi ko hinihiling na pahalagahan mo ako ng sobra. Ang gusto ko lang maing tapat ka kahit hindi tayo magkasama." (I do not ask you to treasure me too much. I just want you to be honest when we're not together.)

Loyalty coupled with trust is the factor of a strong relationship. Because of the love that binds together, no distance could separate each other. In today's technological advancement, neither an alibis nor a reasons could justify the absence of each other. It's affection that makes any distance shorter or nearer.

Love must not be measured by mere presence, it must be measured even in the absence of the other who is working for the best future of the family.

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Would you like to see the full Photography Shots of MIGZ, More of Migz's 60 Photos, by clicking the "Download Now" below;

"Let my touch soothes your anxiety and depression or eases your muscle pain. I hope that after my massage, I have served my purpose." - RETMigz

AGE 28 years old
HEIGHT 5'10" (178cm.)
WEIGHT 160lbs. (73kgs.)
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