#ShiningStar: Top 5 Performing Masseurs (January 2020)

"Congratulations to the #RETMen Top 5 Performers for January 2020" (Mainit na Pagbati sa mga #RETMen Top 5 Performers ng buwan ng Enero sa taong kasalukuyan, 2020)

The entire RET Staff & Management is proud and thankful for the excellent performance of our Top 5 #RealExtremeMen for the month, January 2020. Evidently, these Top 5's are the Shining Stars in the heart of our Clients;

These Top 5 Performers have been selected because of the following criteria;

  1. Most Requested by Clients
  2. Most Numbered of Returned Clients
  3. Most Appreciated Performance by Clients

We thank you, Dearest Clients, for your trust and patronage to our Masseurs and to Real Extreme Touch. Their ranks will still rely on you in February 2020.

Likewise, the above awardees received Cash Prizes and other Benefits as per RET Rewards Policies.

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Active List of Real Extreme Men 2020

We appreciate your valued support to #RealExtremeTouch, hence we're committed of bringing Raining Selections of Masseurs that you can choose from...

You may select one or two (twin-massage) Masseurs who match your preferences. So get relax, refresh and revitalize today. Grab a Massage Now!!!

It's true, the beginning is so hard but with determination I believe I can manage it all.

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Scott, the Perfect Buddy Masseur

"Huwag mong isuko ang isang bagay na alam mong kaya mo pang ipaglaban; Mahirap maghintay pero mas masarap magtagumpay." (Don't give up something you know you can fight for; It's hard to wait, but it's better to succeed.)

Life is not easy but it must go on... Must survive! Must live!!! My spirit has revived when I learned that Real Extreme Touch requires all of us to live and work with the Five Guiding Principles such as 1-God; 2-Family; 3-Self (myself); 4-Client; 5-Company. As explained, "whatever we do, there's God in midst of us who understand and never judge us; our Family must at all times our inspiration why we work; it "mySelf" that I must take care in order to have a daily strength; our Client must be respected and served well because they're the source of our livelihood, and finally I must abide by the rules of the Company in order to have a harmonious working environment.

Now, I believe I found a new work... a new company that would lead me to the right path and to be successful.

I hope that my dream would finally be Realized, with my Extreme effort, a Touch of passion!!!

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HERBERT, the Consistent Top 1 Masseur is Back

"Lahat tayo'y nagkakamali, kadalasan di tayo marunong tumanggap nito; Tama man o mali, tayo'y naninindigan; Ngunit kailangang mag-umpisa at magpursigi para itama bago lumalala ang suliraning dulo't ng pagkakamali ." (We all make mistakes, often we do not know how to accept them; Whether it is right or wrong, we stand by it; But it is necessary to start and work hard to correct a mistake before the cause becomes seriously problematic.)

I am very thankful that Real Extreme Touch has given me another chance to prove my worth as its Shining Star/Top Performer. I regret the moment of my random decision about moving to another SPA. I never realized that I would be lost, I never realized that Real Extreme Touch has been giving me a light towards the right path of my career, yet I blatantly ignore and went my own way.

Admittedly,  I was broke financially. Though during my first month to the new SPA, I got what I expected, however, it was just temporary.

After six months, I knocked on the door of Real Extreme Touch and luckily I am blessed that Real Extreme Touch embraced me again with their warmest welcome. So, therefore with sincerity, I have committed myself to keep my loyalty to the company and render my quality service to our clients.

Let me then promise to be of Real service to our Clients and Extremely loyal to the company by keep ing Touch of my commitment.

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GAB, Cute Moreno Sweet Masseur

"Kung nagalit man ako nang walang dahilan, Pasensya na kasi nasaktan kasi ako nang wala kang alam!" (If I get angry for no reason, I'm sorry because I got hurt by you without knowing it!)

Sometimes our actions are unnoticeably hurting our loved ones. So, it is always best that we must be cautious about what we say or do...

Be Real, Love Extremely, keep in Touch sincerely!!!

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TERRENCE, Masseur with Driven Love to Serve

"Ang pagmamahal ay hindi lamang nasusukat kung gaano mo siya kadalas damayan, minsan ang tapat at tunay na pag-ibig ay nasusukat sa mga panahong wala siya sa piling mo, dahil nagsasakripisyo siya ng ikaw ang dahilan.." (Love is not only measured by how often you are with him/her, sometimes honesty and true love are measured at times when he/she is not with you, because he/she is sacrificing for your cause.)

It is my love for my family that inspires me to work harder and serve better. I am drawing out my strength from the love of my family.  I may not be perfect or skillful but I am learning to perfect my craft. Why? Because if my Client would be happy through my service, then I know I am doing the right way...

Without me physically at the roof of my home, they know I am away at the roof where my sweats are falling...

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HAYDEN, Masseur with Thrill

"Kahit ilang beses pa akong masaktan dahil sa'yo, di kita iiwan, di ako susuko. Dahil kung may isang daang dahilan para iwan ka, hahanap pa rin ako ng isang dahilan para ipaglaban ka." (Even if I get hurt several times because of you, I will not leave you, I will not give up. Because if there are a hundred reasons to leave you, I will still find a reason to fight for you.)

Love is not martyrdom; But if this is the opportunity for you to be happy with me, I will give my life for you. Just don't abuse much of me and stamps my character.

Be Realistic,  know when Enough is  Too much!!!

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Clyde, the Masseur with Genuine Heart

"Kung talagang tapat ka sa taong mahal mo, matuto kang umiwas sa mga demonyong may gusto sa'yo." (If you are truly loyal to the person you love, you can learn to avoid the demons who like you..)

It isn't just a matter of being loyal, it starts from being honest! I can resist temptation because I am a sincere lover.

On the other hand, I've been working in another SPA for long years; I want to stay and be loyal to my former SPA but currently, it seemed that it is being mismanaged and we can no longer take effect. I am thankful that I was introduced here at Real Extreme Touch because I found a new family that cares for our welfare, a company that doesn't tolerate any type of vices within its premises.

Now, my Real focus is for an Extreme Love by keeping in Touch with my family at anytime!!!

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LANCE, the Sincerest Man At Work

"Masayang mukha ang ipakita upang palaging magandang umaga." (Showing joyful face brings happy morning always.)

Serving with grateful heart will turn great results... not just for the Client to be relieved but it goes with the joy they would feel inside. I am just a simple man but I ensure that my Client would gonna love my service, after all I know they're tired and stress from work.

My duty ends when I see smiles on the faces of my Clients...

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JOEL (Kanu), the Masseur with Skills & Service Quality

"Ang pagibig, hindi lang basta isang emosyon na nararamdaman. Kundi isang desisyon na dapat panindigan." (Love is not just an emotion. It is a decision that must be upheld.)

My heart is open? Open to love... but loving is coupled with responsibility - this is what I learned from my past. A relationship that blooms with concern, care and honesty will surely last forever.

In Love, it must be Real, it should be Extreme, and it must  Touched or felt!!!

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