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Our hearts sincerely thank you, Our Dearest Guests, you are the reason why we continue to stand-up ...

To you, Dearest Guests, we draw strength in spite of the trials and tribulations of life experienced by each of us and our company.

In each of our prayers that we may all overcome the pandemic, we hope that God will give us the strength to partake of the blessings that are to come in the coming days, months, or years.

So again in our simultaneous recovery from the pandemic we are experiencing, may you accept our small offering through the following Promos;

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REJI, The Responsible, Young, Gifted & Goodlooking Masseur

"Pahalagahan mo ang pamilyang meron ka; Dahil hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon ay nariyan sila." ( Give importance to the family you have; Because they are not always there for you.)

I am working for my family especially my grandmother who needs to buy medicine. I love my grandmother very much so I will do my best to prolong her life.

I will not allow the pandemic to cause us to continue to suffer or die in emptiness. Hunger will be my challenge to make my will strong.

My father is gone and as the eldest, I need to learn life and know how to be strategic, because as the breadwinner of my family. I need to be strong and courageous.

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DAVE, The Man who serves His BEST

"Ang taong masipag at matiyaga; Tiyak may gantimpala mula sa lumikha." ( The industrious and persevering person; absolutely would received a reward from the creator.)

In 2012, I started being a Masseur here at Xtreme Massage (formerly its name) until 2014, then I had various opportunities to have different jobs as a Family Driver then Security Guard, and so on. But due to an unexpected trials in life, this is me coming back as a Masseur of Real Extreme Touch.

I am grateful because there is RET as our second family, that we can go back and RET is always ready to welcome us again and again whether we are at the pinnacle of success or at the foot of misfortune. I pray that at the same time as I rise, RET will rise again from the effect of the pandemic. I hope it maintains its stability so that they can help us more and more.

I believe and pray that if RET is able to withstand the trials and storms of life and its business since 1997, we will be able to shine again through you, Our Dear Clients.

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Active List of On-Duty Masseurs as of 29th November 2020

We appreciate your valued support to#RealExtremeTouch. Hence, we're committed of bringing Raining Selections of Masseurs that you can choose from...

You may select one or two (twin-massage) Masseurs who match your preferences. So get relax, refresh and revitalize today. Grab a Massage Now!!!

It's true, the beginning is so hard but with determination I believe I can manage it all.

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MIGGY, The Smiles that Kills the Pain but Brings Relief and Relaxation

"Mataba man o payat, sa pagmamahal lahat karapatdapat." ( Whether fat or thin, in love everyone deserves.)

A person's character and abilities are not measured by outward appearance but are seen in deeds and dealings with others. When they say I'm fat, my simple answer is, "I'm not fat, in fact I am so sexy that it overflows."

In fact, this is a pandemic effect, many have gained weight and I am one of them ... However, I will still do my best to return to my former physique as fit as I can.

Don't worry, when it comes to my massage skills, I will still show what I used to be good at. See you here at Real Extreme Touch!

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BRYAN, Highly Skilled, Gifted & Handsome Masseur

"Kung hindi ka hamunin nito, hindi ka nito babaguhin." ( If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.)

The pandemic has caused great challenges in the lives of every Filipino. Many repented and learned. Regrets for not being prepared for the effects of the pandemic; such as closing of businesses/companies, unemployment, and increasing poverty. My whole family and I are an example of someone who learned from the pandemic that could have saved money so as not to be overly affected. - That is the real challenge in life today. 

Today, whether small or large challenges come, we are ready to face them or ready to change before these challenges come. Let us be observant and observant so that we can keep up with any challenges or problems in life.

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ETHAN, A Humble Heart at Your Service!

"Kapag binato ka ng bato, batuhin mo ng bulaklak para malasap ang tamis, pero isama mo ang paso para may tama." ( When you are stoned, throw flowers for him/her to feel the sweetness, but include pot to ensure an impact.)

The right thing to do is when you are stoned, you just stay away, you must not just catching everything 'till you got swollen. It is not right to be humble all the time even if underestimated, mistreated or oppressed. Because accepting anything thrown at us is cowardice and lack of self-esteem. Resistance doesn't mean boastfulness when your dignity is being trampled but a noble decision.

In this pandemic, we need to be humble, lower any pride, to help or be helped. The pandemic became a way for me to see more deeply the meaning of love for myself and family because it is shrouded in humility.

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CYRUZ, Former Shining Star is Back!

"Hindi laging libre ang pangalawang pagkakataon, kapag binigyan ka umayos na." ( Second change is not always free; once you are given, do the right thing immediately..)

Here in this company I saw my importance. No matter how many times I made a mistake, they welcomed me. Not only was I given a second chance but many countless chances already. Because of the kindness of the owner, I think I have abused and not taken seriously the opportunities given to me. All I know is, the RET door is always open to me, no matter what happens. Although the owner's patience was overflowing, I realized that it was too much, I had to be good, too!

Now I go back to RET again, an opportunity I would give real importance, a debt that money can never pay. Because of the love of RET or the owner, here I found the real second family. I will do the right thing again for my family and for the opportunity RET gave me.

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GABRIEL, The Macho Muscled Masseur At Work

"Ang sakit na nararamdaman mo ngayon, ay ang lakas mong maramdaman bukas." (The pain you feel today, will be the strength you feel tomorrow.)

In workout, they say that if there's no pain no gain. That's right! If you are just playing ML and you do not make money from playing, you will not benefit from it insteal you will get weak because you often skip meals. Likewise, if you sleep soundly but do not exercise, you will still be weak. It takes determination and discipline to achieve the desired body-built or strength.

Likewise in life, what we experience today in the pandemic is weakness, sadness or misfortune but if we do not stand up in this fall, we will remain sluggish or failure. We must use this misfurtune (pandemic) to find a way to re-establish our strength and be successful again in whatever field we enter.

Likewise with love, any pain caused by the past must be forgotten in order to move-on and take another step into the new tomorrow.

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FRANCIS, He has the Passion of delivering Great Service

"Matututo kang pumikit kapag ika'y naiinggit. Kaysa naman, lait ka ng lait eh mas masahol ka pa sa Pangit." ( Learn to close your eyes when you are envious. Rather than, you keep critizising but you are even worse than a ugly ones.)

There are many people who, when they see you rising (be in your financial status or in your physical attributes), are more inclined to pull you down. That's how many of us think ... 

I hope we can just learn to admire and inspire our fellow human beings who are rising and shinig.

Like this pandemic, instead of working together, more and more people are criticizing the government's move. Whatever the shortcomings of our government, we must understand and think of a way, even in our simple capacity, to make up for their shortcomings.

Yes, there are many who are corrupt in the government but I think there are more people who have served or serving generously and sincerely.

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CARLO, His Warmth Palm brings Joy of Relief

"Di mo matatagpuan ang matatag na relasyon kung sa simpleng awayan hiwalayan agad ang solusyon." ( You will not find a stable relationship if in a simple quarrel, the solution is immediately getting separated.)

During this pandemic, many relationships were destroyed or possibly destroyed due to lack of finances that became the root of the conflict. But the Filipino has a firm stance, able to struggle, rise up no matter what trials or hardships come. That is what strengthens a companionship, a relationship, a family...

Everything has a solution, we just learn to wait - new hope and new morning will still come. Light will re-emerge in our path because we have the determination and dedication to once again achieve a sweet victory.

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iON, The Young, Gifted & Top Performer

"'Wag mong gawing laruan ang isang taong nagmamahal sa'yo ng totoo. Dahil pag nawala siya at hahanapin mo baka magsisi ka dahil ang taong nagmahal sa'yo ay minsan lang magmahal ng isang tulad mo." ( Don't treat someone who truly loves you a toy. Because when he/she disappears and you look for him/her you may regret it because the person who loved you will only love someone like you once.)

I am already addicted to playing ML but when I see or hear my colleagues who prioritise playing before their family (spouse, child, parent or sibling), I find myself doing the wrong thing, focusing on playing ML, thereby, I've been ignoring my loved ones.

That is why during this pandemic, I've learned to give time or importance for my loved ones, because they are the only ones I can approach in times of crisis or disaster.

Because of the long lockdown and my youth, I will try to be a symbol of love, courage and concern for my family.

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TERRENCE, Enthusiastic and Thoughtful Masseur

"Hindi sa talino nasusukat ang lahat minsan kahit hindi ka matalino basta marunong ka dumiskarte sa buhay." ( Everything is not measured by intellect sometimes even if you are not smart as long as you know how to strategize in life.)

In this pandemic everyone learns to strategize to meet the needs and without starving their families.

Now, with the pandemic, I have learned to be prudent, frugal so that I can get something in time and not just rely on government assistance.

That's life, making mistakes but the important thing is knowing how to  humble himself/herself and rise for the future to come.

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CALIX, His Wit brings Relief and Excitement in a Massage Session

"Sa bawat PASUBOK na dinaanan ko, sa bawat LUHA na pumatak sa mga mata ko, at sa bawat SUGAT at HAPDI na tiniis ko, lahat ng mga yan pinagsasalamat ko. Dahil ang mga ito ang humubog sa akin upang maging MATATAG na tao." ( With every TRIAL I went through, with every TEAR that dripped in my eyes, and with every WOUND and PAIN I endured, I thank all of them. Because they shaped me to be a STRONG person.)

Of all the trials I went through, the coming pandemic (COVID-19) was the worst storm I ever had.

It is difficult to earn a living because our massaging massage (Massage Therapy / Spa) was not allowed to be done or closed, we were severely affected due to the long lockdown.

But we must abide by government policies in its fight against COVID-19.

Now being allowed again, albeit gradually, we desire to rise again.

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ANTHON, A Masseur who ALL THE WAY Loves & Cares You!

"Laruan lang ang pinaglalaruan, hindi tao na may pakiramdam." (Only toys are played, not people with feelings.)

In this pandemic, I feel like we are just being played by corrupt people in government. Because many still do not receive the aid promised by our elected leaders. Although we received, not enough because of the longest lockdown we had, I still felt sorry for more people who did not receive.

Although I wanted to reach out to help but we were also in need, all I could do was pray for them. We also lost our jobs, although this month the hope resurfaced as the Massage / Spa reopened. I hope that our work will continue so that we can all recover and heal as one.

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Active List of Real Extreme Men as of October 30, 2020

We appreciate your valued support to #RealExtremeTouch, hence we're committed of bringing Raining Selections of Masseurs that you can choose from...

You may select one or two (twin-massage) Masseurs who match your preferences. So get relax, refresh and revitalize today. Grab a Massage Now!!!

It's true, the beginning is so hard but with determination I believe I can manage it all.

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YUKI, Your Ultimate King Inside

"Ang punong hitik sa bunga ay kadalasang pinupukol." ( A tree that bears a lot of fruits is often pelted with stones.)

I know people often bring down those who accomplish more than they do. But I will do my best so that I do not become a path to the downfall of my fellowmen instead I will be their strength to rise and succeed.

In this pandemic, many people have fallen due to unemployment and likewise many businesses have fallen due to hard and long lockdown. My only wish is for everyone to help each other so that we can all rise and succeed; fight this pandemic. This is the time when we should not be divided but united.

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MARVIN, The Construction Worker turns Hard Massage Renderer

"Kapag nasa iyo na, Huwag mo nang pakawalan. Dahil hindi lahat ng bagay, pwede mong balikan." ( Once you have it, Do not let go. Because not everything, you can go back.)

I learned so much from this pandemic; I saw things that I ignored that were important in my life. Now, I have learned to fill in these gaps.

I am now in Real Extreme Touch to start all over again. I will improve my work so that I can serve more and have more smiles ... As I start again, I will signify every fruit of my sweat so that whatever disaster and trial comes we can overcome without waiting for help.

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ROCCO, The Coolest Yet Dedicated Masseur

"Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinagkakautangan, ay hindi na makakaulit kailanman." ( The one who does not know how to look at the creditor, will never be able to borrow again.)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the frontliners and the sensible people in the government who tirelessly served the sick especially those infected with the Covid-19 virus and those who also risked their lives to give help the poor like us.

Hopefully, as the world continues to rotate, our hope to rise again will be fulfilled. I hope everyone is allowed to work like us in this trade, massage therapy / Spa.

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MIGUEL, Humble and Dedicated at Work

"Ang luha parang pawis. Hindi man parehong galing sa mata pero parehong tumutulo kapag pagod ka na." ( Tears are like sweat. Not both from the eye but both dripping when you are tired.)

The only thing the Frontliners want is to make life easier for everyone. Because no matter how tired they are, it disappears upon seeing everyone's smiles. Although he wanted to bring happiness by taking care of everyone who got sick due to Covid-19, they were very sad about every life that was lost.

On this period, we would like to thank every frontliners for their care, concern, and love. Without you, we will not be able to overcome this pandemic. In your strength, we will draw inspiration for us to move forward. 

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