BYRON, The Perfect Abs Power Masseur

"When an opportunity knocks, grab it without a second thoughts." (Kapag ang isang pagkakataon kumatok, ankinin agad ng walang pag-aalinlangan.)

When my uncle told me to work here in Manila, I did not think twice because I knew it was a chance to start again and to have a new hope. Life in the province is simple but fun but I want to be more happy if I can help my family better. Nang sabihin sa akin ng aking Tiyuhin na ako'y magtrabaho dito sa Manila, hindi na ako nagdalawang isip pa dahil ang alam ko ito'y isang pagkataon para makapag-umpisa muli at magkaroon ng bagong pag-asa. Ang buhay probinsya ay payak ngunit masaya pero nais kong mas magiging masaya pa kung ako'y makakatulong pa maigi sa aking pamilya.

I'm grateful to my uncle and RET for their warm welcome to me here as a family of Real Extreme Touch. Nagpapasalamat ako sa aking tiyuhin at sa RET sa kanilang mainit na pagtanggap sa akin dito bilang isang kapamilya ng Real Extreme Touch.

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"I'm focus in improving my massage through my training because I want to be able to perform well in rendering my with my service with my upcoming Clients. I hope that as the time passed by, I will be able to become the best masseur that my Client would expect from me. Pinagbubuti ko ang aking pagsasanay sa masahe dahil gusto kong maging maayos ang aking serbisyo sa aking mga parating na Klyente. Umaasa ako na habang ako'y tatagal sa trabahong ito, maahahasa akong maging mahusay na masahista upang matupad ko ang inaasahan ng aking Klyente sa akin...." RealExtremeMasseurByron

NAME Byron
AGE 20 years old
HEIGHT 5' 7" (170 cm.)
WEIGHT 155 lbs. (70kgs.)
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ePay: Online Payment via Debit & Credit Card is Now Acceptable here at RET

We heard you, our Dearest Clients/Guests,
So meanwhile, let's see what Tom & Jerry what to say...

On the ePAY section, you'll see these secured payment pages;

[Transcript of Conversation]

Scene 1

Tom: Hey! I have Great News... I heard the RET is now accepting Debit & Credit Card Payment
for Outcall & Walk-in Services...

Jerry: Wow! So I don’t need to bring cash anymore... I will use my cash to my other needs then..

Scene 2

Jerry: Hmmm... it’s timely I will book a home service now. Just here at home ‘coz I’m so  tired & stressed the whole day. By the way, how would I pay? 

Tom: Well, it’s so easy... Take your laptop / mobile phone then go to On the MENU, click on “ePay” after that pick your preferred service and then click “Pay Now”.
During the payment process, you’ll be asked to provide the ff: Name of Masseur/s, Date, Time & Location

Scene 3

Tom: Watch! Select your preferred Masseur/s here. Though, not all masseurs are included but sufficient choices already. Francis, Troi & other newests are not on the video now.

Scene 4

Tom: WAIT!!! where are you going??? You told me that you’re going to stay home, You must be here, I’ll go to RET now. COME HERE! 

Jerry: Don’t you know while watching... I already booked a hotel and paid via Credit Card. See you later...

Scene 5

Jerry: Bye! Bye!!! Thanks for the information... See you later!!!RET wait for me!

Scene 6 & 7

Tom wasn’t able to stop Jerry, Tom took his massage at home via Outcall Service using his Debit Card.

While Jerry enjoys the massage at Real Extreme Touch SPA via Walk-in Service using his Credit Card.

At the end, their extra Cash was bought with a delicious yummy cheese and they share together...

Tom: What are you waiting for... Book now at See you!

Jerry: Get updaated at liking...


Quick Info



"Huwag mong ikinalungkot ang anumang ginawa mo ng may taos-pusong pagmamahal; walang mawawala kung sa puso nagsisimula." (Huwag mong ikinalungkot ang anumang ginawa mo ng may taos-pusong pagmamahal; walang mawawala kung sa puso nagsisimula.)

I love what I been doing... serving with my heart. I was lost for a while but I am thankful that the management is giving  me a chance to prove that I am who I was at beginning.

With grateful heart, I am thankful to the Management and to the CEO who almost lost trust on me. This time is the moment for me to show my appreciation those (my beloved Clients) I have served before and those of you our Dearest Clients who always love the brand service of my Real Extreme Touch Family .

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"In my entire years of serving my Clients, I've learned so much from them. I am challenged and inspired by their stories. I am just a Masseur but they treated me well. So, what else would I give back to them, It would just be my focus to render the real brand massage service of RET with my heart..." RealExtremeMasseurCyruz

NAME Cyruz
AGE 23 years old
HEIGHT 5' 9" (175cm.)
WEIGHT 155 lbs. (70kgs.)
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#ShiningStar: Top 5 Performing Masseurs (May 2019)

"Congratulations to the #RETMen Top 5 Performers for May 2019" (Mainit na Pagbati sa mga #RETMen Top 5 Performers ng buwan ng Mayo sa taong kasalukuyan, 2019)

The entire RET Staff & Management is proud and thankful for the excellent performance of our Top 5 #RealExtremeMen for the month, May 2019. Evidently, these Top 5's are the Shining Stars in the heart of our Clients;

These Top 5 Performers have been selected because of the following criteria;

  1. Most Requested by Clients
  2. Most Numbered of Returned Clients
  3. Most Appreciated Performance by Clients

We thank you, Dearest Clients, for your trust and patronage to our Masseurs and to Real Extreme Touch. Their ranks will still rely on you on June 2019.

Likewise, the above awardees received Cash Prizes and other Benefits as per RET Rewards Policies.

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It's our commitment to render the best service that you're expecting from our Masseurs. Rest assured that wherever you are, within or outside Metro Manila or by way of visiting us, our  massage will be topnotch for your ultimate relaxation and satisfaction. " - #The RETShiningMasseurs

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HERBERT, The Excellent Masseur & Consistent Proven Top #1 Performer

"Walang lihim sa pagtatagumpay. Ito lamang ay resulta ng paghahanda, pagsusumikap, at paghuhumintig para tumayo muli mula sa mga pagkabigo." (There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and standing up again from failures.)

I never expect this achievement. My simplest desire when I entered RET is just to help (helping my family and inspire young ones). I am thankful with all our Clients for putting me on this spot every month. If our management couldn't believe this statistical result, even myself couldn't believe too.

I am so thankful to the CEO of believing in me and inspiring and disciplining me to keep my feet on the ground. This status could be temporary but I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my Guests for trusting me to serve you.

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"I never promise anything to anyone, especially to our Dearest Clients, but as our Management's guidelines and advises, rest assured that I will always perform to the best and standard of RET in which my massage should bring you your most needed relief and refreshment. I hope that you'd release your stresses as I perform my massage with you..." RealExtremeMasseurHerbert

NAME Herbert
AGE 31 years old
HEIGHT 6' (183cm.)
WEIGHT 143 lbs. (78kgs.)
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JAYMAR, The Wild-Eagle Masseur

"Ang lalaking manloloko ay mainipin at gusto mabilisan; Samantala ang lalaking seryoso ay kayang maghintay gaano pa katagal, di mainipin at may respeto." (The crooked man is impatient and wants to be quickly; While, the serious man can wait patiently for a long time and respectful.)

The reward of being patient is amazing. It's not only that the world is smiling at you but you can have the sweetest smile to smile with anyone, too. I realize that being impatient leads to nowhere, waiting rewards you with true love and happiness.

Just stay cool and everything will go right!

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"A massage can be an interpersonal laboratory. It's a way of working with cognition, emotion and interpersonal acts in a way that helps you manage your emotions and health in order to see it in a different perspective. Have my massage and feel the difference." RealExtremeMasseurJaymar

NAME Jaymar
AGE 28 years old
HEIGHT 5'5" (165cm.)
WEIGHT 165lbs. (75kgs.)
Would you LIKE him?

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