Top 10 Performing Masseurs for October 2022 | Shining & Rising Stars

Ayos lang umitim sa kakadiskarte keysa pumuti sa kakainarte. | It's okay to go black-skin while strategically working hard rather than going white-skin yet stagily simply doing nothing..

I am not choosy when it comes to job opportunities especially if it's for my family's welfare that can save them from poverty. Anything, anywhere; just moving forward, no quitting. As long as I won't kick the interest and rights of other people and as long as I'm in the right direction, I'll fight no matter how hard the job is.

It's the same with massage, nothing is difficult if you want to learn. It removes pain from the body if the massage is performed correctly. It lightens the mood if it is in the heart while doing the massage. There must be a strategy; the ability/skill that would retain in the memory of the Client and/or for the Client to return/look for your unique service. This is our life as masseurs, to bring joy to the hearts of each of our clients.


TRIXUZ, the Most Lovable Masseur

Laging mahalin ang mga tao mula sa iyong puso at hindi mula sa iyong "mood" o pangangailangan. | Always love people from your heart and not from your mood or needs.

My dealings with friends or work colleagues or relationships are not based on what things or luxuries I can give but I need to make them feel the satisfaction that comes from the bottom of my heart.

It's the same with massage, every stroke needs to be done from the heart so that even if every pressure is still felt lighter by the Client.

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Top 10 Performing Masseurs for September 2022 | #ShiningStar & #RisingStar

Ang panloloko (pangangalunya) ay isang pagpipilian hindi isang pagkakamali, At ang katapatan ay isang responsibilidad hindi isang pagpipilian. | Cheating is a choice not a mistake, And loyalty is a responsibility not a choice.

It's not hard to be honest if you value a love. You don't need to always be looking for a new dish if a dish is already full of the right ingredients for your taste.

It's the same with massage, it needs to be done well and right on time. It doesn't matter if you have too much time or not enough time. Love what you do because the flow of grace is also very fast.

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ROBERT, the Top Performing Masseur (Most Requested Massage Therapist)

Sa una lang naman talaga masaya ang lahat, pero kapag tumagal dun na magbabago ang lahat. | At first, everything is really happy; but when it lasts, everything changes.

This motto/quote has always been a reminder of me from our Management that at first, I would just shrug my shoulders. I don't take it seriously. Until the time comes, I am at the losing end. I didn't think about Management's concerns until I realized that I was having a hard time following Management's rules because of my accumulated violations. However, I am grateful to the Management for understanding and giving me the opportunity to show that still I could change and return to the old "me".

This is what I learned about being in the state of the number 1 that must be taken care of because it comes with responsibility. The responsibility is to protect the reputation of the company because a bad image represents the whole of the company. So as the company cares about us, we return it by working properly, this is delivering the proper massage services to clients who just want to relieve the pain they feel in the body and reduce their stress caused by working all day.


SAM, the Newest Sweetest Young Masseur

Ang KARMA, parang PELIKULA; Kung hindi Showing... COMING SOON 'yan! MAG-INTAY ka lang. | The KARMA is like a MOVIE; If not Showing... that's COMING SOON! just WAIT.

My parents taught and raised me to be a good person. I will practice good manners and uphold the strong principles I saw in my parents. I won't let myself be a nightmare to others because I believe that every colleague who brings something to others will come back to me. But I will work hard to be a blessing to my family and other people. As shared with us in the interview, every grain of my effort must bring a smile to our home.

Just like as we perform a massage, we must leave a smile in the hearts and minds of our Clients. Because their smiles mean we have improved and done our job well.

It's 24/7 #RainingMen Lined-up for Revitalizing Massage | Masseurs in Motion

Ang TUNAY NA KAIBIGAN umintindi, nagbibiyan ka ng ispasiyo, hindi naghuhusga, magpatawad at tanggapin kung SINO KA... | TRUE FRIENDS understand, give you space, never judge, forgive and accept WHO YOU ARE...

Here at RET, we are not just friends but family. Although, there are many rules to be followed but here we become good, orderly and stable. We understand each other. We work and unite together. Our sincere concern for each other is the bridge and leading positive-vibes we offer to our Clients before a proper massage service. Because if everyone is happy, it will reflect in how we perform the massage and will also leave satisfaction to our Client.

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CARLO, the Top 3 Performing Masseur | Most Requested Massage Therapist

Kapag mabuti sa'yo ang isang tao, suklian mo rin ng kabutihan. Dahil ang tamang magsukli, maraming suki. | If you were luxurious then, you will be poor now. But if you have saved then, you have the money to use now.

This is what happened during the pandemic that surprised our neighbors and people who knew me. I am glad that many blessings are coming. The reason is because it's better to walk and stick to the changes I promised myself. Today, it is not difficult to share blessings because while giving, grace continues to flow. Our Boss' advice is correct that when we persist in leaving behind vices and giving God a room in our hearts, you certainly don't need to ask for grace and relief because God voluntarily fills our needs before we approach him and continues to embrace us and carried in times of our weakness.

We, the massage therapists, are happy because everyone is continuing to push to implement the change that management wants. Now, everyone knows how to pray before starting and finishing the "Duty of the Day." We all follow company policies so everything goes smoothly. We are modeled on the right behaviors for coworkers and for our Clients.


KAYDEN, the Best Coolest Masseur At Work

Huwag kang magreklamo kung hindi mo mabago ang mga bagay at mga tao sa paligid mo. Baguhin mo muna ang sarili mo, saka palang, pwedeng may magbago sa paligid mo. | Don't complain if you can't change things and people around you. Change yourself first, then others around you can change..

When working, punctuality, perseverance, and diligence are essential. If we have these behavior, there will certainly be a change in us first and then in our environment. I, in my massage, think about how I can give relief to my Client both either emotional or physical pains they feel. My performance should not be a reason for my clients to go home disappointed, rather I should be the way that leaves a smile in their hearts.


LEE, the Newest Simplest Handsome Masseur | Massage in Motion

Kung mahal mo sila, tulungan mo silang maging masipag at magbanat ng buto. Hindi yung hahayaan mong umasa sila sa hingi at sustento. | If you love them, help them be hardworking and stretch their bones. It's not that you let them rely on begging and support.

I don't want to depend on my parents and siblings so I work hard to be light and bring a smile to our home. Because the happy home, resides many graces. Like the massage I just learned, take it to heart and

Like the massage that I just learned, it's important to take the work to heart so that the clients are happy and satisfied.

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AMIR, the Shining Star Masseur (Consistently Top 1 Performer)

Kung naging waldas ka noon, maghihikahos ka ngayon. Pero kung nag-ipon ka noon, may magagamit kang pera ngayon. | If you were luxurious then, you will be poor now. But if you have saved then, you have the money to use now.

This is what happened during the pandemic that surprised our neighbors and people who knew me. Why? Even at the height of the pandemic, I am building/constructing our house. I am also happy with myself because I did not notice that I had already saved such a large amount to construct our house. I am also grateful to RET because this company has been the way for me to fulfill one of my dreams of giving my parents and siblings a nice house. Right now, with every smile and joy that I see in them because of the better and decent home we now have, my heart also overflows with happiness. There are many more blessings that have come into our family since I worked at RET, but there is not enough space to tell them all now. Hold-on for now. I am afraid, you might be bored. :)

It's the same with massage, you should always do your best in every massage sessions so that you always leave a memory for the Clients to come back again and again. As RET have taught us, no shortcut or rush is allowed; it must refresh, relax and relief the Client. A sign that a Masseur is working well is when many Clients return to him because of the good service he has rendered. A Masseur must put in the mind of his Clients a beautiful image of service so that the Guests/Clients will not forget.


CEE JEE, the Skilled Mason Turns Skilled Masseur

Sa bawat pagsubok mayroon tayong matutunan. Sa bawat patak ng luha ay may ngiting nag-aabang. Sa bawat dilim ay mayroong liwanag at pag-asa. Magtiwala lang sa sarili at manalig sa Maykapal. Sya ang tanging gabay natin sa buhay. | With every trials we have something to learn. With every drop of tears there is a smile waiting. In every darkness there is light and hope. Just trust yourself and trust in God. He is our only guide in life.

I never thought that I would end up with a massage job but I am glad because of my friend's invitation. God is still blessing because Clients are patronazing my new skills as a Masseur. Right now, I'm just improving my skills because I know what my Clients need. It is important that I leave satisfaction in the heart of each client when they feel better because of my massages.

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NIñO, the Shining Star Masseur (Consistently part to the Top 5 Performer)

May mga bagay na sa kanya mo lang natagpuan at naranasan, kaya nga kahit nasasaktan ka hindi mo pa rin siya magawang iwanan. | There are things that you only found and experienced with someone, that's why even if you are hurt, you still can't leave that someone.

It's like loving a family, parents and siblings; that even if they tell you about your mistakes, you consider it their love for you. Because this is just correction and concern. Like massage, you always need to learn new tips like stretching and so on. Because when you know how to massage well, clients will come back to you again and again.


RAM, the Newest Favorite Masseur

Lahat tayo ay may problema, pagandahan nalang ng pagdadala. | We all have problems, it is just a matter on how better you deal with it.

Every client goes to the Spa to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate. It is necessary as a Masseur that we bring and leave good vibes with our Clients. We just had to do our job well. Any problem in life should not be brought up or talked about at work as long as it is possible to keep it to yourself because it is more than a strategy to resolve it, God still has mercy. God knows what we need before we tell him.


WESLEY, the Masseur with the Right Pressure of Touch

Madaming bagay ka mang gustong gawin sa buhay mo, pero kung di ka man lang nag-iisip ng paraan para matupad kahit isa sa mga ito, wala talagang mangyayari sa iyo kahit kailan at magpakailanman. | There are many things you want to do in your life, but if you don't even think of a way to fulfill even one of them, nothing will ever and forever happen to you.

It's great to see that clients of any gender (women, men, gays) now want massages from male therapists. When we ask them why, their answer is because they like a "hard pressure" BUT sometimes they just wanna try the "Hagod or Hilot" by a Masseur (male massages). This is my work that keep improving so all my clients' desires matches the "palm" they need. This is also the first step for me to fulfill my dreams.


CHANO, the Coolest Masseur On Demand

Sabi nila Timang daw ako! Pero di yan totoo. Mali bang ngumiti ako, pag IKAW ang iniisip ko? | They said I was insane! But that's not true. Did I smile wrong, when I was just thinking about YOU?

I want to instill the importance of a person. At first glance, I made sure to cherish every second we spent together. Because it is important to feel true and loyal friendship. So with every laugh and reminisce again and again. Our principle in massage is also the same, the emphasis must always be on the client's feeling so that our client will always remember it and will definitely come back to us or the Spa again.

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#ShiningStar: Top 5 Performing Masseurs (August 2022)

"May mga bagay na hindi kayang abutin ng ating mga KAMAY, ngunit kayang abutin ng ating mga PANALANGIN." ( There are things that our HANDS cannot reach, but our PRAYERS can.)

Our Clients' acceptance of us implied their love to us. Thus, humility has been our main bridge in improving our services and treat our Clients better like a family. We love to listen to our Clients' messages, suggestions and critics. This is how the values of RET Personnel and Masseurs have evolved and turned our Masseurs into a commitment of service sincerely with Quality-Massage to our Clients, a brand of service that made us known since 1997. These are now values carried out by our Top Performing Masseurs. Our  Top 5 Masseurs for this month are well-deserving of our thanks and appreciations .

Our Masseurs' humility has also become a primary reason for our Clients to come back with us repeatedly; because they are also the "Most Requested Masseurs." This means that our Clients really liked their performance during their Massage sessions.

We usually give this award to our masseurs so that they can further improve their work and they can also be an inspiration to their colleagues. So this month of AUGUST year 2022, the Top 5 Masseurs are as follows;

The Management is extremely grateful to this month’s Awardees for maintaining a High Level of Massage Service Quality to our Clients, the RET’s brand service since 1997.



JIBRAIL, the Masseur with the Biggest Smile At Work

Ang TUNAY na LALAKI ay hindi nasusukat sa laki ng katawan, kundi sa OBLIGASYON na ginagawa sa PAMILYA. | A REAL MAN is not measured by the size of the body, but by the OBLIGATION provided to the FAMILY.

They say my head is big. Yes, it is true because it is full of love and service to the country. I am open to all opportunities and hopes to rise together with the people who need my care. As I work as a Masseur, although I have a regular job with a high rank already, I am proud with an honor because I have met many friends who are colleagues in this trade and clients who have become my friends as well .


JELSON, the Masseur who Turns Your Pain with Relief

Minsan may mga bagay na kailangan kalimutan nalang para maging tama ulit ang lahat. | Sometimes there are things that need to be forgotten in order for everything to be right again.

To me what is most important of all, it is the love of family. Because of them I draw strength and inspiration to continue my dreams until I reach the pinnacle of success. I am grateful to RET because I found the right company that values the dreams and well-being of each of us. So I am improving my massage so that somehow I am able to ease the feeling in each of our client's aching bodies. Because every comfort caused by every stroke of my hands is the key to my future.

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#RisingStar: Top 6-10 Performing Masseurs (August 2022)

"Mas maganda ang maghintay sa tamang panahon keysa masaktan ng paulit-ulit sa maling pagkakataon.." (It is better to wait for the right time than to be hurt again and again at the wrong time.)

Since the RET Management changed in 2014, although RET was established in 1997, its goal has been to shape the behavior, habits and interactions of its staff (masseurs) with each other and the dealings of each staff (masseurs) to their clients.

Management's endeavor to rectify every wrong system or method of the past leadership and lifted each of its staff from sinking into wrong practices and behaviors. So far, the terms, rules and policies and the purpose of the new management have become clear to everyone for the benefit of all and to be able to serve a high level of quality service to every customers or clients of Real Extreme Touch.

Today it has become a RET culture to build the behavior and habits of every masseurs in one home that values their Clients as like an extended Family-member. That every incoming new masseurs could already see and be inspired to the good habits and behaviors of all the RET Masseurs, thereby, every RET Clients can be assured that they are in the care of good hands.

Most and often the RET masseurs were originally rooted and molded in its own backyard. This meant that each of its masseurs began to hone their skills and values in the training and discipline of RET.

From the Management strategical approach, it is not new to all RET Clients with its brand general impression that "in RET, you're in good palms of (the many selections of) Masseurs who renders 24/7 services of a quality massage at the satisfaction of its Clients." Why? Because all our Masseurs are trained and disciplined with family values.



GIO, the Masseur with Healing Smile (Fun & Funny Session Underway!)

Walang relasyon na puro lang sikat ng araw. Ang relasyon ay parang dalawang tao na nakikihati sa isang payong at makakaraos rin sa  bagyo na magkasama. | There is no relationship that is just always sunshine. A relationship is like two people who share an umbrella and can survive the storm together.

When I started at RET ( Massage Spa), I was on my third day, already in Lockdown. I experienced very hard times during those times. We are thankful because the company did not abandon us until the lockdowns were lifted. RET is really what I can say is my partner at that time SO every masseuse cares about RET because of its weakness or strength, we are together. It's the same with massage, our client is with us in an umbrella that while we remove their body pains; upon folding the umbrella, they no longer have pains in their whole body.


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