ICHIRO, the Skilled Welder turns Masseur

Ang masahe ay hindi lamang isang luho, ito ay isang paraan para sa mas maligaya't malusog na pamumuhay. | You can't buy happiness but you can buy a massage (..and that's kind of the same thing.)

Clients take a massage each week. This isn't about an indulgence, it's a necessity and an investment in a creative expression, productivity, passion and sustained health. It is also necessary to listen to the whisper (pain) of your body, it should not wait for them to scream (severe pain).


BLAKE, the HAIRY Potter of Xtreme (Magic Touch in Action)

Ang masahe ay hindi lamang isang luho, ito ay isang paraan para sa mas maligaya't malusog na pamumuhay. | Massage is not just a luxury, it is a way to happier healthier life.

Massage is part of human life. This should be a habit at least once a week. Because of the countless benefits it brings.

Going to Spas doesn't mean socializing, it means rewarding yourself. It is necessary to relieve the stress caused by the day or the whole week of working.

That's why we masseuses are well-trained by our Spa so that we can give the right steps and the right strokes throughout the massage session. Here the purpose of a Client in going to our Spa must be satisfied.


DENVER, the Masseur with Mission to Satisfy Your Desired Pressure

Kapag hinawakan mo ang isang katawan; hinawakan mo ang buong katauhan, ang talino, ang espiritu at ang damdamin ng isang tao. | When you touch a body; you touch the whole person, the intellect, the spirit and the emotions of the person.

It is very important that when stroking there should also be a extreme caution because our body is the home of our soul. Our strength comes from the health of our bodies. The same as in the case of a massage, every pressure must be kept on any part of a Client's body in order to achieve what he desires to get rid of pain and stress in the body.

So as a masseur, I adjust each pressure in accordance to my Client desire so I ask my client if I am doing his/her desired pressure whether it is hard, moderate or soft pressure only. It is important that the client is comfortable while I am doing the stretching and massage. I always remember that every good massage, as a result, my client will be productive in whatever he/she does after coming home or going to work.


FELIX, the Young & Handsome Masseur

Ang masahe ay parang pelikula lang, talagang nakakarelax at lubusang pagtakas, maliban sa masahe ikaw ang bida. At hindi mo makaligtaan ng anuman sa pamamagitan ng pagtulog!. | A massage is just like a movie, really relaxing and a total escape, except in a massage you're the star. And you don't miss anything by falling asleep!

As a masseur, when massaging a client, think of them as the star of the movie you are making. In order for the outcome to be smooth and entertaining or pleasant, you need to have a good mix and taste in directing the story to be realistic so that the audience can enjoy it.

Throughout a massage session, since the Client is the Star, every pain in his/her body needs to be massaged with the right pressure so that the pains disappear completely.


RICHARD, the Masseur with a Perfect Skills Ripen by Time

Magtiwala sa mahika na dumadaloy sa iyong puso hanggang sa iyong mga kamay. | Trust in the magic flowing through your heart to your hands.

A good intention from the heart causes an action for the sake of everyone or our loved ones. Whatever we do, wherever we go, our every action must conform to a standard that comes directly from our heart. So even if we get lost, our heart will still guide us to cross the straight/right path.

Like my massage, every time I knead my Client's body, there is that extra-care and adjustment of my massage to ensure the strength and comfort of my Clients. I will never rush, not because this is the instruction/policy of RET but because it is the right thing to do.

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Why RET continues to boom even in the midst of every storms? (Top 10 Performing Masseurs for November 2022 | Shining & Rising Stars)

Ang gumawa ng maliliit na hakbang patungo sa malalaking layunin ay pag-unlad. | To make small steps towards big goals is progress.

What you need to know to optimize your Stay with Us?

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Why is RET unique and continues to flourish no matter what storms pass through?

Fighting... Being Loved... Striving!
Resisting any trials, not giving up. Fighting for the welfare of their masseurs (therapists) who work for the livelihood of their families. Fighting for their clients who depend on the constant service that the Spa provides. Fighting each other's interests which were formed twenty-five years ago (since 1997).

With affection and good relationships with their clients, a solid foundation was formed which is the only reason for its continued strength and stability as the bond between the Spa and its Clients lasts. This bond is shaped by time and is ever difficult to break or be knocked down by strong winds, storms, or earthquakes of life and competition.

RET Massage Spa may not be the perfect spa but continues to strive to deliver quality massage services. The simplicity of the Spa has made it accessible, reachable and available to every client regardless of their state of life. The most important thing is the harmonious relationship between the Clients, the masseurs, and the Spa staff. Here they are bound as RET's solid Loyalists, Clients, and Friends.

We congratulate the TOP 10 Performers, the Shining Stars, and Rising Stars, of November 2022. And thank you very much for continuing to patronize Real Extreme Touch Massage Spa and each of its masseurs.


JAYVER, the Newest Foreigners' Favorite Masseur

Ang Circle ng Real Extreme Men (Masseurs), Pinagbabago ang Buhay sa bawat Appointment kada Oras! | The Circle of Real Extreme Male (Masseurs), Changing Lives One Appointment at a Time!

A frequent common question we receive is, what is the best time to book a Massage at our Spa? Our normal response is "any time because we are 24/7" and because "almost all of our masseurs are Stay-in or In-House."

That's right! It is because our masseurs live right in our Spa. They have their own rooms in our building on the fourth floor where our gym is also located for their work out.

The second floor is where the Standard/Regular Rooms and VIP Rooms are. While on the third floor are Executive Rooms. On the Ground Floor is our Lobby/Reception Area.

It should only be noted that the regular duty hours of our Masseurs are from 8PM to 4AM (where they are all awake and on-duty); whereas from 4AM to 8PM (before your arrival or upon your arrival they can wake up or be woken up; this is normal for our Spa that operates 24/7 since 1997.)


DALE, the Basketball Player & Masseur in One!

Ang ahas nagpapalit lang ng balat para maging mas malaking ahas (pero ahas pa rin). | The snake just sheds its skin to become a bigger snake (but still a snake).

It's nice to have friends but only a few can be trusted. Sometimes even if we are repeatedly cheated, lied to or betrayed, we are always ready to understand as much as we can. But until when? All I knew was until God said "That's enough, that's enough!". So when the time reached the peak point that we are in too much pain, we have to think if we can bring back yesterday? Can the broken friendship be restored? Can a destroyed/ruined home or relationship be rebuilt?

Because in my view, we need to move on and part of that is to forget the past. Get rid of pain. Avoid those person who makes you smell bad just to make them smell good.

Like in a massage, you need to know the pain so you can massage it to get rid of the pain, not to make it worse. Adjust the pressure to make the client feel better and relieve. Avoid the affected area or wounds so as not causing pain and worsening the pain. It should be simple, render the service so that the clients go home happy.


LUKE, the Master of Pain Relief

The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down. | The only time you fail is when you fall and stay stuck.

At one time, a heavy burden also came into my life. All I know is that the whole world has fallen and I have become a burden. I want to give up because of the intensity and weight of the problem.

But I also realized that God would not give me burdens if he knew I couldn't handle them. But I know that God loves me, so I think, take it to heart and always claim that every problem has a solution and corresponding action. I am never nervous because God is by my side. I know that when I fall, God is there to pick me up, hug me and love me. It's just necessary that every time I fall, I can get up and stand again. At one time, a heavy burden also came into my life. All I know is that the whole world has fallen and it has become my burden. I want to give up because of the intensity and toughness of the problem.

Same with massage, it comes to a point where I have to embrace this job of mine wholeheartedly because who else will do it but ME. So when we serve according to the heart, the pain of our Clients is also alleviated.


UNO, the HARDEST Worker (Masseur) You'll Ever Have!

Minsan, sisipain ka ng buhay pero maaga pa lang o bago maging huli ang lahat, matanto mo na hindi ka lang nakaligtas. Ikaw ay isang mandirigma, at ikaw ay mas malakas kaysa sa anumang bagay na ihagis sa iyong buhay. | Sometimes, life will kick you around but sooner or later, you realize you're not just a survivor. You're a warrior, and you're stronger than anything life throws your way.

Among the many trials that need to be overcome, one of them is the pandemic that came in the past years and is still kicking in the stomach of everyone due to the constant increase in prices, is the one that strengthened us how to stand up and live energetically again and abundantly.

RET continues to give us hope, help and embrace us lifting us up again from falling into poverty. So our strength is the combined forces of our own abilities and company guidance. This is our inspiration to continue the smooth massage service and good relationship with our beloved clients.


DOS, the Construction Worker turns Masseur

Ang isang simpleng ngiti ay nagbubukas ng puso at ang simula ng pagiging mahabagin sa iba. | A simple smile opens the heart and the start of being compassionate to others.

I was thinking about what our Boss said when I was interviewed that every support given to the family (parents and siblings) brought joy and smiles from their hearts. He should have said that before squandering or squandering the fruits of my sweat, I must first bring lightness to my family. I must be the reason why my family rises or will rise from poverty. Before everything is lost, everything I've worked for has been worthwhile.

As a masseuse, I must bring a smile to their hearts. My performance must be good, leaving an unforgettable relief, so that they'll come back again and again.


JACOB, the Masseur who brings Best Relief & Refreshment in the House

Ang kaligayahan ay hindi isang bagay na gawa na (readymade). Ito ay nagmumula sa iyong sariling mga aksyon. | Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions. 

Every effort, doing the right thing, loving completely and faithfully are actions that ensure the happiness that comes from the bottom of every heart.

As our Boss said, simply giving support, whether small or large, to our families or loved ones brings ease to the home. Before squandering the hard-earned money, you should remember that it comes from your sweat and family inspiration. That before everything disappears, the end result in providing such financial support must have been meaningful.

It's the same with my massage, it has to come from inspiration to bring relief from the pain every bodies and happiness that makes worries or problems disappear. 


L.A., the Masseur who will Fulfill Your Satisfaction with Heart

Ang isang magandang katapusan ng linggo ay nagsisimula sa isang positibong pag-uugali at isang mahusay na masahe sa tamang Spa. | A good weekend starts with a positive attitude and a great massage at the right Spa.

We, the masseurs, are always being reminded in our meetings that we should treat our Clients well and with respect. We need to follow the desire of our clients to be able for them to relax, refresh and relieve. Our pressure must be in the right blend with each stroke of our hands.

We are taught to appreciate every hour of our client's stay in our spa because every second is dedicated to relieve their stress during the day or the whole week so that when they leave our spa, they will go home with a big smile in their hearts.


MAX, Your Maximum Relief Arrives (Max in Everything!)

Sa iyong kalooban ay may katahimikan at isang santuwaryo kung saan maaari kang umatras anumang oras at maging IKAW,  ang iyong sarili. | Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at anytime and be YOU, yourself.

You have to move, speak and behave without hiding anything but be true and be yourself. In dealing with neighbors, co-workers and clients, it is necessary to show your true behavior according to the learning and teachings of your parents. It is necessary to respect each other because that is where proper discussion and agreement begin.
During the massage, the client must be given silence if he wants to relax in a quiet atmosphere throughout the session. And if he wants a story/talks, go with the flow of only happy stories/talks. Good Vibes only! :)


RUZZEL, the Explorer & Masseur in One!

Hindi mo malalaman kung gaano ka kalakas; hanggang ang pagiging malakas ay ang tanging pagpipilian lamang na mayroon ka. | You will never know how strong you are; until being strong is the only option you have.

At a time when you are the only hope left, will you choose to continue to weaken until you are buried in the pit? No need to stand up, fight and use the remaining weapon - this is Courage. Sometimes no matter what we do and who we call, nobody cares but just ourselves. We are on our own, period.

Where does Courage come from? It is from skills and knowledge. These are the only things that will always be on my side in times of crisis and storms in life. Just go and go! As long as there is life, there is hope.

Like our massage, we also need the courage to adjust to the correct pressures especially when there are the stretching. The execution needs to be right so that our clients' bone won't break. W must deliver relief and comfort to our Clients.

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Ayos lang umitim sa kakadiskarte keysa pumuti sa kakainarte. | It's okay to go black-skin while strategically working hard rather than going white-skin yet stagily simply doing nothing..

I am not choosy when it comes to job opportunities especially if it's for my family's welfare that can save them from poverty. Anything, anywhere; just moving forward, no quitting. As long as I won't kick the interest and rights of other people and as long as I'm in the right direction, I'll fight no matter how hard the job is.

It's the same with massage, nothing is difficult if you want to learn. It removes pain from the body if the massage is performed correctly. It lightens the mood if it is in the heart while doing the massage. There must be a strategy; the ability/skill that would retain in the memory of the Client and/or for the Client to return/look for your unique service. This is our life as masseurs, to bring joy to the hearts of each of our clients.


TRIXUZ, the Most Lovable Masseur

Laging mahalin ang mga tao mula sa iyong puso at hindi mula sa iyong "mood" o pangangailangan. | Always love people from your heart and not from your mood or needs.

My dealings with friends or work colleagues or relationships are not based on what things or luxuries I can give but I need to make them feel the satisfaction that comes from the bottom of my heart.

It's the same with massage, every stroke needs to be done from the heart so that even if every pressure is still felt lighter by the Client.

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Ang panloloko (pangangalunya) ay isang pagpipilian hindi isang pagkakamali, At ang katapatan ay isang responsibilidad hindi isang pagpipilian. | Cheating is a choice not a mistake, And loyalty is a responsibility not a choice.

It's not hard to be honest if you value a love. You don't need to always be looking for a new dish if a dish is already full of the right ingredients for your taste.

It's the same with massage, it needs to be done well and right on time. It doesn't matter if you have too much time or not enough time. Love what you do because the flow of grace is also very fast.


JOMER, the Masseur with a Caring Hands & Fun Buddy

Bigyan ang iyong katawan ng isang malaking pag-ibig, karapat-dapat ito! | Give your body a big love, it deserves it!

Through our body, it is where our soul dwells. Our thoughts depend on the health of our body. So when our day's work that makes us sweat because of the physical strength we put in, we also need to reward our body with a proper kneading.

As a masseur, you are guaranteed to experience the caress of a real extreme masseur. We, your Masseur are not that perfect but we are good people, bringing relief of pain to the bodies.

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ROBERT, the Top Performing Masseur (Most Requested Massage Therapist)

Sa una lang naman talaga masaya ang lahat, pero kapag tumagal dun na magbabago ang lahat. | At first, everything is really happy; but when it lasts, everything changes.

This motto/quote has always been a reminder of me from our Management that at first, I would just shrug my shoulders. I don't take it seriously. Until the time comes, I am at the losing end. I didn't think about Management's concerns until I realized that I was having a hard time following Management's rules because of my accumulated violations. However, I am grateful to the Management for understanding and giving me the opportunity to show that still I could change and return to the old "me".

This is what I learned about being in the state of the number 1 that must be taken care of because it comes with responsibility. The responsibility is to protect the reputation of the company because a bad image represents the whole of the company. So as the company cares about us, we return it by working properly, this is delivering the proper massage services to clients who just want to relieve the pain they feel in the body and reduce their stress caused by working all day.


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