YUKI, Silent Shining Skills

"Ang Tunay na Kaibigan; Nagpapasaya, Nagmamahal, Nagpapaiyak; Pero higit sa lahat, nagbibigay halaga." ( A True Friend; He Cheers you, He Loves you, Let You Cry; But most of all, gives importance value on you.)

I asked my fellow masseurs why they stay longer here in RET and why RET continues to flourish despite those storms like the pandemic. Their answer to me were because of the love of the owner for each other, the care/concern of each masseuse for the owner and the loyalty of the Customers to RET.

Upon entering RET, I have felt lightness of my mood, my colleagues were so kind, disciplined and sociable. Likewise with the coolness of Kuya Roel and other Staff, I was able to adjust right away.

BTW, here comes one time that I was very nervous but in the end my suspicion was wrong that I was talking to the owner himself; that in spite of the success he had achieved and is attaining, an ordinary and humble creature talked with me. I will never forget his advice to me that I have to put into practice both in mind and in action the following that I should be aware while working at RET  such as 
  • First) Faith in God, 
  • Second) Make the Family as an Inspiration for working, 
  • Third) Caring of Yourself, 
  • Fourth) Valuing Clients, and 
  • Fifth) Adherence to Company Policies or Guidelines. 
He told me further that wherever I go or work at anytime if I carry these Qualities, I will not go astray but like him I will also step on the pinnacle of success.

Hopefully as I work here with my RET Family, we will be able to serve you for a long time. See you inside, our Dearest Clients.


KENSHIN, Not Just Face Value Counts but His Skill matters Most!

"Hindi ko hinihiling na pahalagahan mo ako ng sobra; ang gusto lang maging tapat ka kahit hindi tayo magkasama." ( I’m not asking you to care me too much; I just want you to be honest even if we're not together.)

That is the most important of all, the Trust in each other. Our relationship was formed because we had trust. Let me do my part as your lover but I hope you don’t tie me in your arm alone. Because the more I get to know many people around me, the stronger my love for you grows.

Here at RET Family, I am grateful because our company is very solid. Because in here is caring and loyalty as a real family. We are built with love and we also reciprocate it with true love.

So we definitely know that because we are formed with love, we will serve our Clients with high respect and love as well. We treat them as part of the RET Family. In fact, from 1997 until now, we have remained strong because of our avid loyal Clients.


ADAM, A Masseur in the Lost Forest

"Bilog ang mundo kaya kahit talikuran mo ang problema mo, sa huli haharapin mo rin yan sa ayaw at sa gusto mo..." ( The world is round so even if you turn your back on your problem, in the end you will also face it even against your will...)

Who wouldn’t be afraid of the impact of the pandemic and its continuing destruction on everyone’s livelihood. It’s hard to hope for nothing. It’s hard to rely on promises. It is necessary for me to think and act to recover fast. Life must go on and the smiles and joy that envelop the home must return.

May this first step be fruitful so that I can deliver or contribute simple help to my family. For now, I will draw strength from my parents and siblings so that my fears and anxieties will be alleviated. But I will stand up to fight any storm to come and I will overcome it no matter how much I would be pulled down.

I take this opportunity to thank my friend, GIO, who opened my mind in bringing mepart of #RETFamily so that my shady tomorrow will shine again.


PHIL, The Masseur who CARES YOU more than Himself

"Bago ka manghusga sa iba, tiyakin mo munang malinis ka; Dahil mahirap kainin ang sarili mong suka.

Before you judge others, make sure you are clean; Because it’s hard to eat your own vomit.

I am glad that we continue to be strong... everyone continues to come back to stand together and enjoy the success from Covid 19. We know that everyone had been scared, deprived of livelihood, hungry, discouraged and hopeless , bored due to restrictions or long lockdowns.

Honestly, I want to take this opportunity to greet you because you are just there for us even you did know us. I am thankful for you, our Dearest Clients, who did not give up on us. Instead, we became even closer with each other and with the Lord God.

Your return to us since 1997 means your loyalty to us and we will reciprocate it with pure service. We will make sure that you fully enjoy the comfort brought by our caresses. Hopefully until the end, we will still be together at the peak of our successes.


ePAY: Massage Services by ZED

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ePAY: Massage Services by DONALD

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ePAY: Massage Services by ARIES

We heard you, our Dearest Clients!

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The TikTok Stars in the circle of Real Extreme Men: AMIR & iON

"Huwag kang matakot na maging ikaw. Pakakatandaan na ang pagiging orihinal ay mas maganda kaysa sa peke." (Don’t be afraid to be you. Remember that originality is better than fake.)

Sometimes it’s embarrassing to show the people around you your ability, but it really only takes one step to make things happen.

All that is needed is not to understand what those around you are going to say but to move in accordance with the heartbeat and dictates of the mind without being influenced by what other people will say.

In today’s pandemic era, rather than mourning the hardship and suffering we are experiencing, let’s make things easier by giving other people a smile in a way like this Tiktok that is timely today.

Come join us in our simple dances and more. Watch our videos on our YouTube Channel and don't miss to subscribe so you can always be updated on our upcoming videos.


JIRO, A Refreshing Touch of a Lovable Masseur

"Ang tunay na biyaya ng Panginoon ay hindi nakikita sa laki ng ari-arian kundi sa pagkakaroon ng payapang isipan at pamilyang nagmamahalan." ( The true grace of the Lord is not seen in the size of the property but in having a peaceful mind and a loving family.)

This year, 2021, I hope everyone has hope to recover from the Pandemic that comes in the year 2020. We pray that there will be a cure or vaccine to get rid of the fear of spreading the virus.

We will rise again because of our love for our family. We will once again have the courage to lift our family out of the poverty caused by the pandemic.

I will do everything, try and approach, to help my family or my fellow men. I will do everything, make our home lively and happy again.

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AMIR, A Healing Touch of Handsome Masseur

"Ang bansag sa mga taong masinop ay Kuripot; Huwag ito ikahiya dahil ang pera nating ay hindi pinupulot." (The name of the prudent is Stingy; Don't be ashamed of it because our money is not simply being picked on the ground.)

They say that when you are frugal or know how to budget or do not spend on things just for the sake of luxury, you are called stingy. But they know, you only know how to manage your financial needs.

Just because you did not give a blow out at a party or at a meeting of your friend in an expensive venue or restaurant, you can be labeled stingy. Is it just being practical-minded?

In this pandemic, I am one of the beneficiaries of the money I have saved, not only in money but also friends and good Clients; all of these (or they) became my strong support during a time of crisis like this pandemic. Hopefully everyone can think of being futuristic to prepare for anything or any situation to come.

Today, from us here in your Real Extreme Touch Family, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Raining Real Extreme Masseurs Active List | Your Massage Buddies since 1997

For over 2 Decades (23 years), you have trusted us, your #RETFamily, since 1997. In our service to deliver quality massage, you have welcomed us with open hearts.

So we fully signify the brand of Real Extreme Touch, the quality massage delivered by our hardworking, kind, trustworthy and Handsome Masseurs.

So here it is again our Raining Selection of Masseurs who delivers Real Extreme Touch;

Sa loob ng mahigit na 2 Dekada (23 taon), ang inyong #PamilyangRET ay inyong pinagkatiwalaan simula pa noong 1997. Sa aming pagsisilbi upang maghatid ng may kalidad na masahe, tinanggap nyo kami ng bukal sa inyong mga puso.

Kaya lubusan naming pinahahalagan ay tatak na ito ng Real Extreme Touch, ang maghatid ng kalidad na masahe ng aming mga masisipag, mababait, mapagkakatiwalaan at Guwapong mga Masahista.

Kaya heto muli ang aming mga nag-uulan na pilian ng mga naghahatid ng tunay na  matinding haplos na mga masahista;

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DAN, The Masseur You've Ever Dream Of...

"Sobrang laki ng pagkakaiba ng matalino sa masipag. Pero daig pareho ng madiskarte." ( The difference between the wise man and the industrious man is enormous. But strategic man prevailed compare to both..)

Being smart, hardworking and strategic - is a perfect element of a success. Who doesn't want it, We ALL are HOPING!

But one disadvantage of this is that as long as you are left with strategy, we will definitely go a long way.

Not all the consequences of this pandemic are bad, but, the good effects of this pandemic, everyone has become strategic and no longer just rely on the help of others or the government.

So this is me and my friends, Mhike and Jayce, working together to advance. We are ready to massage you anytime anywhere in Metro Manila.

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MHIKE, Feel the Relief of Service with Love

"Ang pagtulong sa kapwa ay walang hinihinging kapalit. Ito ay isang simpleng gawain lamang ng isang tao." ( Helping others is not asking for anything in return. It is just a simple act of one person..)

In life, not everything that is given has a reward. We must learn to let go and forget every help we provide. Because even though our neighbor does not see it, someone sees it all.

I am happy for the politicians who have extended their help without anonymity to the aid they are offering. Because there you will find sincere and sincere distribution of help to the poor like us. Not all Filipinos received aid, but we are glad that our government somehow provided something.

Our government is not perfect, I hope we will voluntarily fill in its gaps - by working hard and having the courage to face tomorrow again as we've been doing with my friends - ME(Mhike), DAN and JAYCE.

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EDWIN, Consistently One of the Masseur in the Top 5 Performer

"Ang pagsisisi laging nasa huli pero ang desisyon nauuna sa pagsisisi. Kaya kung alam mong mali, huwag mo na ituloy." ( Repentance is always late but the decision comes first before repentance. So if you know something is wrong, do not continue.)

We are happy to have RET Management who cares about our welfare and that of our family. We are always reminded that we must be inspired by our family to work hard so that every drop of our sweats are collected and appreciated for ourselves and our family's future.

But most often, we realized that the result of our mistakes is slowly pulling us down. Fortunately, my Real Extreme Touch Family is ready to hug us again to get back up and start over.

That is what happened to us today in this pandemic, we finally found out that we have no savings that can support us in this crisis, the Pandemic. Now, I regret my wrongdoings but standing up again for myself and for my family.

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JAYCE, Simple Masseur with Full of Surprises

"Ang taong tunay na may pangarap. Hindi nagpapaapekto sa kahit ano o kahit pa kanino." ( The person who truly has a dream.Can not be affected by anything or anyone else.)

To achieve a dream, one must have self-confidence. Do not think first of how tired you are at work or whatever you are trying to do now, just think that with every drop of your sweat, your dream will come true.

Even if our dreams are shattered by the pandemic and even if we lose our jobs because our company closes, we will rise again because there are companies that have remained strong and generous to us like this my second home, the Real Extreme Touch.

I will begin my journey in here so that together, we (Me, Dan and Mhike) can once again rise to achieve sweetest success.

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WOWIE, The Innocent & Instantly the Most Requested Masseur

"Basta mabuti kang tao, malapit ang grasya sa iyo." (As long as you are a good person, Blessings are keep coming to you.)

You do not need to count the goodness we have accumulated, if we have become accustomed to it, our list in heaven will be filled with goodness. And our God sees this in every good we do. So the flow of grace is also overflowing.

In this pandemic, many things have happened, may we be a medium of grace to our neighbors. Because this Christmas, our greetings to you are sincere from our heart. Thank you for your continued support of the Real Extreme Touch Family.

May the overflowing blessings flow to you this coming year and ahead.

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How to Grab a FREE MASSAGE? | Appreciation to you, Our Dearest Guests!

Our hearts sincerely thank you, Our Dearest Guests, you are the reason why we continue to stand-up ...

To you, Dearest Guests, we draw strength in spite of the trials and tribulations of life experienced by each of us and our company.

In each of our prayers that we may all overcome the pandemic, we hope that God will give us the strength to partake of the blessings that are to come in the coming days, months, or years.

So again in our simultaneous recovery from the pandemic we are experiencing, may you accept our small offering through the following Promos;

I. Grab a FREE MASSAGE on your 10th Booking or Visit:

, ,

DAVE, The Man who serves His BEST

"Ang taong masipag at matiyaga; Tiyak may gantimpala mula sa lumikha." ( The industrious and persevering person; absolutely would received a reward from the creator.)

In 2012, I started being a Masseur here at Xtreme Massage (formerly its name) until 2014, then I had various opportunities to have different jobs as a Family Driver then Security Guard, and so on. But due to an unexpected trials in life, this is me coming back as a Masseur of Real Extreme Touch.

I am grateful because there is RET as our second family, that we can go back and RET is always ready to welcome us again and again whether we are at the pinnacle of success or at the foot of misfortune. I pray that at the same time as I rise, RET will rise again from the effect of the pandemic. I hope it maintains its stability so that they can help us more and more.

I believe and pray that if RET is able to withstand the trials and storms of life and its business since 1997, we will be able to shine again through you, Our Dear Clients.

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Active List of On-Duty Masseurs as of 29th November 2020

We appreciate your valued support to #RealExtremeTouch. Hence, we're committed of bringing Raining Selections of Masseurs that you can choose from...

You may select one or two (twin-massage) Masseurs who match your preferences. So get relax, refresh and revitalize today. Grab a Massage Now!!!

It's true, the beginning is so hard but with determination I believe I can manage it all.

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MIGGY, The Smiles that Kills the Pain but Brings Relief and Relaxation

"Mataba man o payat, sa pagmamahal lahat karapatdapat." ( Whether fat or thin, in love everyone deserves.)

A person's character and abilities are not measured by outward appearance but are seen in deeds and dealings with others. When they say I'm fat, my simple answer is, "I'm not fat, in fact I am so sexy that it overflows."

In fact, this is a pandemic effect, many have gained weight and I am one of them ... However, I will still do my best to return to my former physique as fit as I can.

Don't worry, when it comes to my massage skills, I will still show what I used to be good at. See you here at Real Extreme Touch!

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