ePay: Time-based Services (Exclusive for Certain Organizations Only)

We heard you, our Dearest Clients!

Now, you can pay directly via Debit & Credit Card through Paypal, a secured, safe and encrypted payment processor. Just click below if you see this [PAY NOW] on your preferred service.
Time-Based Services: Walk-in, Home, Hotel  & Condo
Outcall/Walk-in Services within or LESS than 25 minutes from our RET location (San Juan City). Check you distance from us [HERE]

*No additional transportation fee anymore.

*ALL are FIXED Rates, no Hidden Charges


Nearby places (less than 25mins travel)

AF1. Full Body Massage/1 Masseur

FRF11e:  P2,500*/90min [PAY Now]
FRF12:    P3,300*/120min [PAY Now]
FRF13:    P4,050*/180min [PAY Now]

AH1. Hydrowash Massage/1 Masseur
FRH11e:   P2,700*/90min [PAY Now]
FRH12:     P3,700*/120min [PAY Now]
FRH13:     P4,650*/180min [PAY Now]

AS1. Signature Massage/1 Masseur
FRS11e:   P3,300*/90min [PAY Now]
FRS12:     P4,300*/120min [PAY Now]
FRS13:     P5,550*/180min [PAY Now]


AF2. Full Body Massage/2 Masseurs

FRF21e: P4,800*/90min [PAY Now]
FRF22:   P6,300*/120min [PAY Now]
FRF23:   P7,700*/180min [PAY Now]

AH2. Hydrowash Massage/2 Masseurs
FRH21e:   P5,200*/90min [PAY Now]
FRH22:     P7,100*/120min [PAY Now]
FRH23:     P8,900*/180min [PAY Now]

AS2. Signature Massage/2 Masseurs
FRS21e:   P5,700*/90min [PAY Now]
FRS22:     P8,100*/120min [PAY Now]
FRS22:     P10,400*/180min [PAY Now]

Outcall Services MORE than 25 minutes from our RET location (San Juan City). Check you distance from us [HERE]

*Please be informed that the transportation cost of  P500.00 will be added in the final amount 

*ALL are FIXED Rates, No Hidden Charges


Far places (more than 25mins  travel)

AFF1. Full Body Massage/1 Masseur

FRFF11e:  P2,500*/90min [PAY Now]
FRFF12:    P3,300*/120min [PAY Now]
FRFF13:    P4,050*/120min [PAY Now]

AH1. Hydrowash Massage/1 Masseur
FRFH11e:   P2,700*/90min [PAY Now]
FRFH12:     P3,700*/120min [PAY Now]
FRFH13:     P4,650*/120min [PAY Now]

AS1. Signature Massage/1 Masseur
FRFS11e:   P3,300*/90min [PAY Now]
FRFS12:     P4,300*/120min [PAY Now]
FRFS13:     P5,550*/120min [PAY Now]


AF2. Full Body Massage/2 Masseurs

FRFF21e: P4,800*/90min [PAY Now]
FRFF22:   P6,300*/120min [PAY Now]
FRFF23:   P7,700*/120min [PAY Now]

AFH2. Hydrowash Massage/2 Masseurs
FRFH21e:   P5,200*/90min [PAY Now]
FRFH22:     P7,100*/120min [PAY Now]
FRFH23:     P8,900*/120min [PAY Now]

AFS2. Signature Massage/2 Masseurs
FRFS21e:   P5,700*/90min [PAY Now]
FRFS22:     P8,100*/120min [PAY Now]
FRFS22:     P10,400*/120min [PAY Now]

You're edge of direct payment would be;
☑️ It's just CREDIT! So, you can use your cash for your other needs.
☑️ No need to pay directly to our staff & masseur/s.
☑️ Pay the exact amount as specified here, no hidden charges.
☑️ Your reservation is secured & prioritized because you have confirmed and paid the services in advance. So, during the payment process you'll be asked to provide the following;
  • Name of the Masseur/s at your Preferred Date & Time,
  • Location / address "under Shipping Address" where you'd like our masseurs to serve you.
☑️ If you have fill-in those information above, you will still be directed to a reservation form to ensure that every details are clear for both you and RET.
☑️ If at any case, you missed the link of reservation form, you can always get back here and fill in this [RESERVE NOW] Form.
☑️ If you're in a hurry, then simply Call/Text/Tell us directly your Payment Transaction Details and you're good to go.
☑️ Enjoy your massage session! :)


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