FAQs #12: Masseur's Photos, Profile & Skills, Etc.


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Can you send me (or can I see) your masseurs profile and pictures or where can I see those photos of your masseurs You can see our masseurs’ photos at or check in any of our Facebook Albums.

Pwede nyo po ipadala sa akin (or pwede makita) ang mga photos o profile infos ng inyong mga masseurs or saan ko makikita ang mga larawan (o profile infos) ng inyong mga masseurs? Makikita ang mga larawan ng aming mga masseurs sa o di kaya’y icheck nyo sa alinmang Facebook Albums namin.

Who is the best, most popular, most requested or your most recommended?  Our top performers for each month can be my best recommendation because their skills and characters have been proven through our Clients’ feedback in a way of being the most requested, most popular and most having a positive comments. You can know the names of our top performers and read details HERE on how they’re selected/screened to be among on the Top Performers.

Sino ang pinakamagaling, pinaka-popular, pinaka-most nirerequest or iyong pinaka-okay na irerecommend mo? Ang aming mga top performers kada-buwan ang maari o masasabi kong most recommended ko kasi ang kanilang kakayahan at pag-uugali ay subok na subok na ng aming mga kliyente dahil sa kabilang sila sa mga most requested, most popular at pinaka-maraming positibong komento. Mababasa mo po kung sinu-sino sila at ang detalye DITO kung paano sila napipili/screened para mapabilang sa Top Performers kada buwan po.

I have wonderful massage experience with your Masseur/s, can you please extend my appreciation to the Masseur/s?   Thanks so much for availing our service. We appreciate your positive feedback. Btw, It’s also good to write a comment under our Masseur’s Name on our Website at

Our Masseur/s will definitely be inspired to keep or improve further on their performance.

Your comment may also guide our other Clients to pick him.

Hope to see you again… :)

Nagkaroon ako ng magandang masahe sa inyong Masseur/s, pwede po pakisabi ang aking pasasalamat sa inyong Masseur/s. Maraming salamat po for availing our service. We appreciate so much ang iyong positive feedback. BTW, it’s also good po na isulat ang iyong comment under our Masseur’s Name sa aming Website na 

Ang aming Masseur/s maybe inspired para panatilihin or improve pa ang kanyang performance.

Ang iyong comment ay pwedeng maging guide sa aming iba pang Clients para piliin sya. Hope to see you again… :) 

Do you retouched via photo editing the pictures of your Masseur/s just to make them good looking?   Nope, we just post as it is. We just added watermarks.

Nireretoke nyo po ba ang mga larawan ng inyong mga Masseur/s para magmukha silang gwapo? Hindi po namin nireretoke. Inilalathala namin ang mga original shots nila pagkatapos malagyan lamang ng watermarks.

May I know the cellphone number or facebook account of your masseur?    Sorry but we are not allowed to give any personal contact info either mobile number or social media of any of our Masseurs.

Just check our website at for our Masseurs’ Profile Details or contact us at 09392743355 | 09276758373 | 02-358-7886 if you want to book the service of either one (Regular Massage) or two (Twin Massage) of our Masseurs.

BTW, you can also take their direct contact info. once you’ve your selected masseur.

Pwede po bang malaman ang cellphone number or facebook account ng  inyong masseur? Pasensya na po hindi na po kami nagbibigay ng personal contact info tulad ng kanilang mobile number o di kaya’y social media ng aming mga Masseurs.

Maigi pong bisitahin ang aming website sa para makita ang profile details ng aming mga masseurs. Pwede nyo naman rin pong tawagan o itext kami sa  09392743355 | 09276758373 | 02-358-7886 kung gusto ninyong i-book ang aming service ng isa (Regular Massage) o dalawang (Twin Massage) Masahista namin. 

Gayunpaman, makukuha pa rin nyo naman po ang direct contact info ng iyong masseur na napili kapag nagkita na po kayo. 

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