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FAQs #17: Invincible Affordable Massage (Combined Swedish & Shiatsu)


It's your Day, it's your time to Relax!

Since year 2001 that Real Extreme Touch (RET) has been established until now, its Rates of Massage for Swidish-Shiatsu Combination has never been changed. It's your Price before, it's still your Price now.

RET's Signature Massage Package & HydroWash Massage Package is Great To Experience. However, You can still have this wonderful Massage Package, "The Full Body Massage" which still gives you a Total Rejuvenation and Relaxation.


A Swedish massage is a classic form of massage that relaxes tense muscles and improves blood circulation. The skin and muscles in affected areas are gently stroked, kneaded, rubbed, tapped, and vibrated.


A Shiatsu massage is a Japanese form of trigger point massage therapy that uses thumbs to massage acupuncture points.

BENEFITS OF A FULL BODY MASSAGE with combination of Swedish & Shiatsu Massage are:

# 1 - Increased blood flow.
The use of effleurage in Swedish Massage – a long, stroking motion in the direction of blood flow towards the heart – in order to open up your blood vessels and increase your blood flow. Increased blood flow means that your muscles are getting more nutrients and oxygen and that your body is removing toxins more efficiently.

Shiatsu massages help stimulate the circulation in the blood vessels of the skin’s soft tissues. The massage aids in the emission of sebum from the sebaceous organs which keeps our skin moist and smooth. This prevents wrinkling of the skin.  Basically, Shiatsu massage will enhance the look and gleam of the skin with enhanced blood flow.

# 2 - Rehabilitation for muscle injuries.
The Masseur may rely on kneading and friction to address any existing injuries, such as adhesions (which occur when muscle tissues fuse together). Many people say that this technique, which relaxes layers of muscle, makes it feel as if the Masseur is “working out the kinks.”

The Shiatsu massage and acupressure ease the indications brought about by arthritis. It is best applied on the hands and feet when experiencing arthritis. Shiatsu limbers muscles and gives muscles nourishment by enhanced course. It also decreases muscle pains.

# 3 - Increased flexibility. 
When your muscles are more relaxed, you’re able to experience a wider range of motion. A combination of Swedish massage and regular stretching is a great way for anyone to stave off workout-related injuries and get the most out of their periods of exercise.

#4 - Reduced stress.
The Swedish massage is meant to maximize relaxation—you’ll be on a massage table, in a peaceful environment, with a professional spending an extended time (between 60 – 120 minutes) giving you a massage. The combination of the hands-on attention and the environment should relax you, lowering the level of the stress hormone cortisol in your body. Lowering your stress level offers a surprising number of additional benefits, including reducing or eliminating tension headaches, giving you more energy, and allowing you to get a better night’s sleep.

Migraine is the throbbing headache that is regularly felt on one side of our head. Shiatsu massage relieves migraines as well as ordinary headaches by relaxing the body and increasing blood flow and circulation through the body.

#5 - Improved immune system.
Swedish massage reduces your stress with a Swedish & Shiatsu massage because the lower cortisol levels allow your immune system to grow stronger, meaning that you’re less likely to get sick and can spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

Additionally, Shiatsu Massages help our circulatory and digestive system. A massage enhances the flow of blood and cell nourishment all throughout the body. Another benefit of this is that our digestive system allows the food we eat to be digested easily and helps in removing wastes. A shiatsu massage also builds stamina by putting in vitality, as well as burning fats.

So Grab a Massage Now & Enjoy its utmost Benefits…

The rates of Full Body Massage (also known as Regular Massage) is as follows;

I. WALK-INs (at RET SPA) Services
31. I want to avail Walk-in REGULAR room, how much would cost me?
[WALK-IN SERVICE on Typical/Regular Room]

WRF1. Full Body Massage/1 Masseur
WRF11:   P350/60min
WRF11e: P500/90min
WRF12:   P650/120min


WRF2. Full Body Massage/2 Masseurs
WRF21:   P600/60min
WRF21e: P900/90min
WRF22: P1200/120min

32. I want to avail Walk-in VIP room, how much would cost me?


WVF1. Full Body Massage/1 Masseur
WVF11:   P500/60min
WVF11e: P750/90min
WVF12:   P1000/120min


WVF2. Full Body Massage/2 Masseurs
WVF21:   P900/60min
WVF11e: P1400/90min
WVF12:   P1800/120min

33. I want to avail Walk-in EXCUTIVE room, how much would cost me?

34. I want to avail Walk-in EXECUTIVE room - Saver Package for OFW, how much would cost me?

[WALK-IN SERVICE on Executive Room – SAVER Package (OFW Pkge)]

WEFS. Full Body Massage:

WEFS3:  P2000/3hrs /1~2 Masseur for 1~2 Full Body Massage

WEFS4:  P2600/4hrs /1~2 Masseur for 1~2 Full Body Massage

WEFS5:  P3900/5-6hrs /1~3 Masseur for 1~3 Full Body Massage

II. OUTCALLS (Home / Hotel / Condo) Services
29. I am located within 25 minutes or less from your SPA, What is home/hotel/condo service packages and rates?
[HOME/CONDO/HOTEL SERVICE, Nearby places (less than 25mins travel)]

HNF1. Full Body Massage/1 Masseur
HNF11e:  P500*/60~90min
HNF12:    P650*/120min


HNF2. Full Body Massage/2 Masseurs
HNF21e: P900*/60~90min
HNF22:   P1200*/120min

Transpo amount to be added from our SPA to your location (within 25mins travel only): P250.00

30. I am located more than 25minutes to 1 hour from your SPA, What is home/hotel/condo service packages and rates?

[HOME/CONDO/HOTEL SERVICE, Far places (more than 25mins travel)]

HFF1. Full Body Massage/1 Masseur
HFF12:  P650*/90~120min


HFF2. Full Body Massage/2 Masseurs
HFF22:  P1200*/90~120min

Transpo amount to be added from our SPA to your location (more than 25minutes to 1 hour from your location):  rangesP250 to P600 

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