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Wanna know most of the common questions being asked about Real Extreme Touch? Read it here...

You are also free to ask your questions here and we will answer concisely and directly as much as possible.

If you have other question/s in mind that were not answered yet but you need a quick answer, we strongly suggest to notify our HelpDesk by simply;

If you believe your question/s would be so beneficial to others, kindly write your question/s on the comment section below and we'll do our best to reply immediately.

As much as possible, Question/s raised by you thru our comment section must NOT be ANONYMOUS. Writing your name or nickname is just okay. :)

1. We heard that Real Extreme Touch is now under the new management. Is it right? Yes, that's right! We takeover the ownership and its management since 21st May 2014. However, we're so happy serving high-quality massage since our  existence in the year 1997. We thank you for your continuing patronage...
2. Are you related with Xtreme Massage? Xtreme Massage is the former business name of Real Extreme Touch. For most recent updates, please always visit
3. What are the major change or focus of the New Management? Well, the New Management is focusing on Values Formation of its People and continues Facility Improvements.

Now, RET is occupying a 4-Storey Building with the following set-up;

  • Frontage: Parking Space for Client;
  • 1st/F: Reception, Cashier & Coffee Room for Staff;
  • 2nd/F (Mezzanine): Regular/Typical Rooms;
  • 3rd/F: VIP Rooms & Executive Room;
  • 4th/F: Gym & Rooms for Staff
4. Did the New Management change the original staff and therapists (masseurs) of Xtreme Massage? Nope. We maintained the current staffs and therapists (masseurs) of Xtreme Massage upon turnover which was part of the deal with the former owner. However, we did increase new therapists (masseurs).

The good news, the new Management always maintained having new Masseurs each week.

5. What is the operation or working hours of Real Extreme Touch? We are 24/7.

However, you could get more choices of Therapists (Masseurs) on the evening time because 8PM ~ 5AM is set regular working time. But you can always select anyone of your preferred Therapist/s (Masseur/s) if you would do ADVANCE ONLINE BOOKING or simply CALL US.

BTW, we have chosen that our regular working hours would be in the evening because this is when regular employees both in public & private have their enough time to visit us even during working days.
6. Why is it that your website focuses also on proverbs, quotes, sayings, etc.? It is because we believe on Values Formation that must start to oneself. We believe on people's good heart which just needs to be rejuvenated. It's just a simple way to remind people to have a positive outlook of life.
6. What are the package services & corresponding rates of RET? We have the following packages:

1. Full Body Massage = Combination of Swedish & Shiatsu Massage

2. Hydro-Wash Massage (Hydrowash + Full Body Massage), and

3. RET Signature Massage (Hydrowash + Body Scrub + Full Body Massage).

Kindly CLICK HERE for more details including prices and description of package services.
7. Do you have any existing or currently running Promos? Yes, we have ~ :)

Please CLICK HERE for the details.
8. How can I set an appointment for hotel / home service or even walk-in? Well, here are the options that you can do. Just pick ONE method, Dear!

1. You may CALL/TEXT US directly

2. Use our QUICK ONLINE BOOKING system, and

3. You can VISIT US anytime if you'd prefer a walk-in.
9. How do I see profile & photos of your Therapists (Masseurs)? Here are the ways...

1. Just visit our website and click on the "Names of Therapists" found on the left side wing.

2. You can also visit our Facebook Pages and go directly to our Albums. Just [ CLICK HERE ]
10. Where is your location? What's the easiest way to commute? What are the Landmarks? Just CLICK HERE and you can find the following information such as;

1. Detailed & accurate LOCATION MAP via google map

2. Easiest way to COMMUTE (or via Train, Grab/Uber) at different location point.

3.   Don't worry much because once you're on the area, you'll see these LANDMARKS
11. What does Quadra-Touch Promo mean? Is it Twin-Massages? Quadra-Touch is just like Four-Hands. It means further that it is also Twin-Hands Promo ~ :) .

So then, you'll be served by Two (2) Therapists (Masseurs) working together at the same time. It's great savings for you, though...
12. What are the differences of Typical Rooms vs VIP Rooms vs Executive Room Basically, the size of room is wider on VIP; the VIP room has TV and hot/cold shower, has centralized aircon and back-up aircon. While the Exective Room has TV and hot/cold shower, twice wider than VIP rooms, has its own aircom & better forest-theme decors.

Check this PHOTOS of TYPES of Rooms.
13. Can you send me a picture of your therapists (masseurs)? What are their ages, heights or weights, etc.? You can see the photos of our Therapists (Masseurs) in our Facebook Album and also in our Wall Posts. However, for the complete photos at profiles of all our Masseurs, just continue browsing here in our website.
14. What information you need to provide when booking a schedule for home, condo or hotel? You need to provide the following;

  1. Your Name / Nickname / Codename
  2. Your Cellphone Number (optional)
  3. Exact Date & Time,
  4. Hotel Name or Building Name for Condo or Exact Address for Home,
  5. Hotel Room Number, and
  6. Hotel Phone Number
15. Are you serving the entire Metro Manila and even outside Metro Manila? Yes, we're serving entire cities in Metro Manila and sometimes even outside Metro Manila.

Just discuss with us if you'd like to reserve or set a schedule outside Metro Manila.

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  1. For someone who works at night, can I still visit your place during day time, the same way when Extreme was under the old management? -BPO dude

    1. Have a Great Day, BPO Dude~

      Yes, you can still visit during the day. Our operation hours didn't change even under new management. We are still 24/7.

      However, the number of therapists (masseurs) during day time is lesser compared during night time because some of them are stay-out basis.

      Unlike in the evening, we have numerous therapists (masseurs) who are present that you can choose.

      Well, thanks and hope to see you soonest. :)

  2. It seems that all your Therapists are Macho Men. I mean all are Straight Men.

    Actually, I am looking for at least bi-sexual or gay looking flawless masseur, could you recommend someone?

    1. Hi Andrew~

      Thanks for your question.

      However, sad to say that we really don't have gays or bisexuals from our Therapists (Masseurs).

      Thanks again :)

  3. Natutuwa ako dahil ang inyong site ay hindi lang basta Commercial Website kundi ito'y kapupulutan ng mga aral. Ang ganda ng concepto. Congratulations...

    Simple question lang po, pwede rin po ba akong magsuggest ng mga karagdagang quotes & proverbs?

    Ipinapanalagin ko ang inyong paglago ng lubusan.
    Salamat sa inyo...

  4. Kumusta, Ruben...

    Salamat po sa appreciations nyo... we are being inspired with all your massages. Nakakataba ng puso. Hayaan nyo lalo pa naming pagbubutihin upang makapaghahatid pa ng maraming kapupulutan ng aral.

    With regards to your question, ang aming kasagutan ay; Opo, you're welcome to suggest & write us anytime.

    Salamat po muli...

  5. I am thinking... which is better to go either for a hotel/home service or walk-in? Which would you suggest???

    1. If you have budgetary constraints, my best recommendation is either walk-in or home service.

      Of course, if hotel fees aren't matter to you, so all (hotel, home or walk-in) is recommendable.

  6. I've been a regular customer of RET since it was been turnover with the New Management and I saw a lot of amazing improvements.

    Would you be planning to atleast open a new branch say in Cebu or Baguio?

    I would love to consider me as your business partner and/or invest on it. I am from Cebu but often go to Baguio because my parents are currently living there.

    I'll be sending you an email to show my sincerity on this proposal.

    1. Thanks for this inquiry and likewise we've already read your email proposal.

      Though, your suggestion is so great~ However, this subject is still on the table for discussion by our Top Management.

      We'll simply email you for any update.

      Thanks for showing your interest.

  7. Hello RET,
    Magandang Araw po.
    Sinu-sino po ang mga available sa araw at sa gabi since what I understand ilan sa mga Masseurs nyo po ay Stay-In & Stay-Out?

    Hope you could answer me soonest.
    Salamat po muli.

    More Power RET!

    1. Appreciated your keen observation and patronage to RET :)

      Mahirap po kasi idetermine para sa amin kung sinu-sino ang mga fixed na available sa araw at gabi.

      Kasi kunwari, yung mga Stay-Out minsan they felt na mag-Stay-In in few days then saka ulit Stay-Out.

      Then, yung mga ibang Stay-In naman, minsan feeling nila they want to go with their relatives at doon muna matulog for few days...

      Huh! May kanya-kanyang rason... So, ang lagi namin talagang nirerecommend eh tumawag nalang po kayo directa sa aming HelpDesk or itext nyo sila then doon mas malalaman nyo ang mga accurate na detalye.

      Maganda rin kapag may napili na kayong Masseurs mula sa aming Photo Gallery List (or Blog Post) then saka nyo nalang po i-verify sa amin kung Available po sila.

      Sana po natugunan ko po ang inyong katanungan.

      Salamat po.

  8. Hello RET!!!

    Kumusta kayo lahat jan.
    Gusto ko lang po tanungin kung pwede mag-hire ng sabay for Hotel Service. Kumbaga Double sila to do a massage for me :)

    Hope you answer quickly kasi papunta ako jan sa Manila na today.


    1. Hi Wendelle,

      Though napag-usapan na natin ito sa email, sasagutin ko na rin ang tanong mo for the sake of other Guests who will have the same question as above.

      Well, opo pwedeng-pwede kahit pa po tripple or quadruple pero kakayanin kaya ng katawan mo? :) Just joke... anyway, okay na okay po na sabay or double ang iha-hire nyo.

      Since nangyari na ito noong nag-usap tayo... sana po nag-enjoy kayo? :)

  9. hi available po ba si Manuel tuwing sat?

    1. Hi, Mr. Pogi :)

      Opo, so far available si Manuel on Saturday pero depende pa rin sa time po na iseset nyo...

      Pero maigi para kayo makasigurado at magkaroon ng direct answer, tawagan or itext nyo po ang mga numero na ito:

      Phone: (+63) 02-958-4315
      Mobile: (+63) 0927-675-8373 (+63) 0939-274-3355 (+63) 0908-580-2050 (+63) 0918-571-7294

  10. Hi RET~

    Tingin ko kailangan nyo po maupdate ang ilang sa mga photos ng mga Masseurs dito katulad nila Marvie, Carlo, at iba pa. Kasi sa personal kong pag-wawalk-in sa RET, mas guwapo sila sa personal.

    Nagtry akong mag-walk-in minsan para makapamili ng talagang gusto ko then nakita kong mas maganda palang tingnan sila sa personal.

    Since nakita ko na sa personal then mas kampante na ako either walk-in or home/hotel service man ang iaavail ko.

    Aboveall, thanks RET for bringing these Lovely Handsome RET Boys to us :)

    1. Thanks, Marwin.

      Sorry for this late response.
      Ngayong 2015 po maraming magiging updates na mangyayari, hindi lang sa mga photos pati na rin po mga facilities and services namin. Sana makabisita ka ulit ngayong January 2015 onwards...

      Thanks once again.

    2. Just read your reply. I've been there last week and was been served with coffee LOL Thanks anyway. BTW, kita ko na po and 100% agree and I am enjoy your place na. Miss ko na ulit bumalik. So tempting!!!

  11. Hello po! May mga Therapist ba kayo na matatangkad nasa 5'7" pataas ang height at maganda ang pangangatawan?

    1. Ang mga pictures ng aming mga Therapists (Masseurs) ay makikita po sa aming Facebook Album, gayundin po sa aming mga Wall Post.

      Pero para sa kompletong mga photos at profiles ng aming mga Masseurs, please click the names of our Therapists on our website [ ] and you'll be guided accordingly kasi kung babasahin nyo po ang mga profiles ng bawat masseurs namin nakasaad dito sa aming website ang mga Height & Weight nila.

  12. Pwede po ba malaman ang link ng iyong location through Google Map Coordinates. Thanks so much.

    1. Have a Great Day, Sir Glender~ :)
      Ito po ang LINK showing the coordinates thru Google Map, just CLICK HERE

      Bilang karagdagan...
      Narito naman ang detalyado at eksaktong sketch kung paano po nyo kami madaling matagpuan, paki-click po itong link sa ibaba nito:


      Ito po ang aming address & contact information:

      Real Extreme Touch (2nd & 3rd Floor)
      152 F. Bluementritt Street, corner R. Pascual Street, San Juan City

      Hint: Near Caltex Station
      Phone: (+63) 02-958-4315
      Mobile (Night Time): (+63) 0908-580-2050 & (+63) 0927-675-8373
      Mobile (Day Time): (+63) 0918-571-7294 & (+63) 0939-274-3355

  13. Pwede po paki-explain further ang inyong Quadra-Touch Promo or Twin Massage Packages.

    Ano po ang ibig sabihin ng Hydro-Wash? At ano ang pagkakaiba nito sa RET Signature nyo?

    Salamat po.

    1. Ang Twin Massage Packages po namin ay ito po yung tinatawag namin na Quadra-Touch Promo which means discounted na po ang mga rates dito. Ang Quadra-Touch could be literally means Four (4) Hands. Of course, ito po ang ginagawa ng dalawang (2) Masseurs who will be doing the massage packages at the same time. Kumbaga, 2-Therapist per session.

      Ang Hydrowash is composed of Body Wash plus Full Body Massage. Ang Body Wash means papaliguan ka ng aming Masseur/s for you to get refresh first bago ka nila i-Full Body Massage;

      While ang RET Signature naman po is composed of Body Scrub plus Body Wash plus Full Body Massage. So, ang naidagdag dito ay ang Body Scrub na inuuna mna bago mag- Body Wash then finally Full Body Massage na.

      So, paki-click lang po sa ibaba nito para malaman ang mga rates ng aming mga package service offers:

      Regular Packages (One-Therapist per session) and

      Quadra-Touch Packages (Two-Therapists per session)

      Salamat po muli for dropping us a message...

      Kita-kits po tayo soonest~ :)

  14. Uuwi kami sa Pinas next month at may mga kasama akong mga foreigner s na mga kaibigan ko, pwede bang magrequest ng extended hours beyond your maximum of 2 hours kahit magbayad na po kami ng additional charges? Thanks!!!

    1. Welcome back to the Philippines po with your foreign friends~ :)

      Opo, pwedeng-pwede pong mag-extend kayo beyond 2 hours, sabihin nyo lang po sa aming HelpDesk or sa aming mga Managers na mag-aassist or sasagot sa inyong calls sa amin kung ilang oras kayo mag-eextend para mabigyan kayo ng best discounted offer.

      Salamat po muli~ :)

  15. Paano po mag-commute pa punta sa inyo? Ano po ang easiest way via jeep, bus, LRT/MRT? Tomorrow po kasi ng gabi balak kong magpunta sa inyo? Thanks!

    1. Depende kung saan po kayo manggagaling... pero anyway iclick nyo lang po ang link na ito:

      Makikita po ninyo jan ang iba't ibang starting points sa iyong pagko-commute if manggagaling ka from Makati, QC, Quiapo/Recto,etc...

      Hopefully the above info helps you. See you soonest Sir Lawrence.

  16. Nagtetext ako sa inyong mga cellphone numbers na naka-post dito sa inyong website ay wala pong sumasagot or nagrereply.

    Actually, noong una may sumasagot per lately wala nang nagrereply. Alam kong makulit ako pero seryoso naman ako sa inquiries ko.

    1. Pasensya na po kung di namin nasagot ang mga text nyo...

      There are some reasons kung di po nasasagot ng aming HelpDesk ang mga text dahil sa mga sumusunod;

      1. Na-classify ang mobile number as "nanloloko" lang :(
      2. It was noticed that questions/queries are repetitive which means already answered then ask again & again;
      3. Just saying endless "hi & hello" or :musta?"
      4. Mobile number is banned due to observed recorded reservation but keep cancelling or non-appearance;
      5. Mobile number seemed just seeking textmate or phone pals;

      Those above are some primary reasons.

      Please email us your mobile number at and we will closely monitor / investigate your case.

      Rest assure your concern will have an immediate action.

      Thanks again.

  17. can you tell me what the "vip room" is?

    1. Hi Sir Rusty~ :)

      The difference between a VIP Room vs Typical Room is that;

      - the VIP Room is wider, wider bed, has TV, and/or simple but better interior decorations, has heater on shower, etc.

  18. Hi,
    I was trying to ask if Troi will be available first week of June when I come to the Phils. from Europe. Pinoy ako but I live in Europe. I will stay in a hotel. Is it too early to reserve him for just a 2 hour massage.

  19. Tantric massage services are popular in any city. This kind of massage is a type of therapy that combines traditional massages of both the East and the West. 출장서비스

  20. hello,
    ask ko lang po if there are any gay masseurs?
    -Raphael Kho

    1. Hello Sir,
      All our Masseurs are straight men but we serve gay Clients.
      Thanks for inquiring...

  21. Are the therapists naked during the massage?

    1. Nope! Company policy requires them to be fully in dress.

      However, there are instances that a Client/s request them naked; so if the Masseurs granted your request, we assume that it is an agreement between 2 Mature Individuals. But again, RET's standard procedure, wherein a Masseurs should be in their clothes, must be observed and strictly implemented at all times.

      Real Extreme Touch offers MASSAGE Services only.

      Anything beyond our stated services, neither out of our knowledge nor consent; thereby shall be considered a personal transaction between two mature adults.

      Our Massage Packages/Services are:

      Swedish-Shiatsu Combination

      BodyWash first (Papaliguan ka muna) + Full Body Massage (Swedish-Shiatsu Combine)

      Body Scrub + BodyWash (Papaliguan) + Full Body Massage (Swedish-Shiatsu Combine)



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