No Longer Connected w/ Real Extreme Touch

The Management & Staff of Real Extreme Touch would like to thank you for being once part of the Real Extreme Family. We may not meet you as often as it was but the memories and laughters you have left with us would remain forever.

Information & Warning:
Please don't engage with the following Therapists (Masseurs) who might or would still be carrying the name of Real Extreme Touch. These therapists (masseurs) could have been;
  • Resigned;
  • Suspended;
  • AWOL (Absent without Leave);
  • Left without notification; and/or
  • Terminated.

Check here for our THERAPISTS COMPLETE LIST. Or inquire to HelpDesk for more information.

EX-THERAPISTS Date of Effectivity
Jeffrey Jun. 1, 2014
JP Jun. 10, 2014
Patrick Jul. 24, 2014
Fidel Aug. 05, 2014
Carlo Dec. 03, 2014 (Terminated)
Clark Aug. 10, 2014 (Irregular)
Peter Dec. 16, 2014 (RET Pride)
Tristan Jan. 10, 2015 (RET Pride)
Jay-Ar Jan. 01, 2015 (Irregular)
Edward Feb. 15, 2015 (RET Pride)
Philip Feb. 13, 2015 (Terminated)
Louis Feb. 10, 2015 (AWOL)
Full List of Terminated RET Masseurs Click HERE
Full List of Former RET Masseurs Click HERE
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