Would you hate a friend coming out?

How do we react on friends coming out? Shall we still be supporting our friends or friendship ends immediately? Are we going to take part on commencing the endless bullying towards our LGBTQ friends?

Though coming out is the most important moment of our friend to release his/her emotions to us as his/her trusted friends, it is a moment where he/she is so afraid of the aftermath of his/her action. He/she is waiting a support & feels him/her still comfortable to be with his/her usual  circle of trusted peers other than judging his/her entire personality.

On this video, we can see how people react and support a gay guy coming out of his closet.

Even President Barack Hussein Obama II himself appreciated and admired the coming out of Jason Paul Collins who is an American professional basketball player played for the Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Jason Collins publicly came out as gay.

As I humbly share these videos, I do hope that when someone come out, be our friends or family members or anyone, we have this warmth welcoming heart to accept the way they are... because at the end of the day we are all human with great character and abilities.

Let us respect and be appreciative that they have trusted us for sharing their life without any barriers. Though, we might not that so ready to hear it and might as well they’re not ready to say it, however, because they felt that we can bring comfort to them then  just simply let them come out to us.

The internal struggle keeping it hidden to everyone is the real and absolute burden being carried by them for a long time. The admittance and allowing it known to everyone needs strength and courage to face any consequences after coming out. Hence, may we not change our attitude towards them because they’ve not change themselves as a person as well, yet, they’re still the same person when we became friend with them.

Here's Jason Collins Inspiring Story:


  1. This is really inspiring...

    Thanks for sharing this videos. It's an eye opener to everyone.

    Let's love our friend even more because of their courage to come out and has trusted us.

    It's the goodness counts not on sexual orientation!

  2. Your site is so amazing! Not only simply business but it inspire people.

    More Power RET!!!

  3. I love you RET.
    Great Site! Love it!!!



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