"Hindi sa taas ng edukasyon nasusukat ang pagkatao, mababa man o wala ka man pinag-aralan mo kung marunong kang rumespeto, Daig mo pa ang edukado." (Not on level of education that a personality can be measured, even if you have lower or no education but you know how to respect, you're superior than those educated.)

The purpose of learning is to replace an empty mind with great knowledge. As we continually learning things, we're exploring the world in its deeper sense, thereby, we advance our thoughts. But we should not forget that as we go higher, we should vow down and check if our feet are still stepping on the ground.

Education is like building bridges that connect one point to another point. Let our relationship with our friends, relatives and with our fellowmen be kept the same with human consideration and respect.
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AGE 25 years old
HEIGHT 5' 9" (175cm.)
WEIGHT 140 lbs. (64kgs.)
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