"Ang maling ginagawa ng matatanda, tama sa mata ng bata." (The wrongdoings of adults are right in the eyes of children.)

While young, doing the right thing on the first place would best start to be a matured responsible individual. I know that what ever I do could be repeated by those younger than me. Hence, I must see to it that everything they see on me should be a reflections of good values. I am not perfect and would not intend to be perfect but I should see to it that doing the right thing at almost perfect.

Since children will always imitate or do what they see from adults whether it is right or wrong, I must then behave well.
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NAME Manuel
AGE 19 years old
HEIGHT 5' 6" (168cm.)
WEIGHT 110lbs. (50kgs.)
Would you LIKE him?


  1. May nabasa ako about Manuel sa ibang blog... sabi Manuel of Xtreme. Siguro sya na nga. As in matindi yata itong batang ito kasi pinag-usapan sa ibang sya. Well, positive naman ang usapan about sa kanya.

    Kaya tuloy, i am puzzled. Masubukan ngang makuha kita sunod na punta ko jan sa Extreme.

  2. Manuel, see you tomorrow.
    Nananabik na akong sa iyong mga haplos.
    See you tom. :)

  3. Manuel, he knows how to give relaxing massage. I'll be back to RET next month :)

  4. makuha nga itong is manuel para s twin massage

    1. Thanks Sir. We appreciate your visit to our spa. :)

  5. hi pag uwi ko jan sa pinas pa massage ako syo ha?

    1. Thanks for letting us know.
      Manuel is already advised.
      Pwede rin po kayo magpa-schedule in advance online using this online form:



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