Throwback: Bottoms Up Challenge

A Drinking Challenge with a Twist.
This is just one amongst the parlor game prepared during the said event.
  • Event: The RET Team Building & Christmas Party
  • Date: December 17, 2014
  • Place: Private Resort in Antipolo City

Looking at a bottle itself seemed containing just a beer. But in reality it was mixed with a brandy making it more challenging to finish quickly.

The first one who emptied the bottle will be declared winner.

The winner on this Game is JAMES ~ :)

"It's not the drinking to be blamed, but the excess." ~  John Selden

Watch Other Parlor Game: Pinoy Henyo

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  1. Entertaining!!!
    Ang saya-saya naman ng party nyo. Sana sama rin kami. I like James, galing mo pala uminom hahaha. Pero bakit wala si James sa inyong SPA? Kailan sya babalik?

    Actually, kilala ko rin si Manuel. Kaloka, mukhang lasing na. Mas cute sya in person.

    Sama kami next time ha? ^_^



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