"Walang humawak ng lutuan na hindi naulingan." (Nobody has ever touched a cooking vessel without getting soot on their hands.)

Well, seems my skin color speaks of it. What am I today are the result of what I deed yesterday. Likewise, who am I today has been developed by those people surrounding me, my family and friends. It is always best to be reasonably choosy than worry later on.

At any rate, when you get involved somehow you will get affected.
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NAME Junnell
AGE 26 years old
HEIGHT 5' 6" (168cm.)
WEIGHT 150lbs. (68kgs.)
Would you LIKE him?


  1. Junelle, miss na miss na kita.
    Tawag ng tawag ako sa iyo this week, sabi nila Bob naka-vacation ka raw. Kailan ka babalik jan? Tawag ako sa inyo bukas or next day. Sana anjan ka na.
    Miss you again :)

  2. Good evening po.
    Xnxa npo kung late reply ko. Dito po ako xtreme now. Tomorow po or the other day, uwi po ako ng Laguna. What time po ba kau tatawag bukas w8 ko po tawag mo, Sir.

    Nice to see you againpo and God bless...

  3. What is your number? Hope to contact you also...

  4. Hi Nikolas,

    Here's our HelpDesk Contact Numbers, cop-paste this link to your browser:

  5. Pa home service po ako kay junnel tomorrow 09266725831

    1. Coordinated with our HelpDesk already. Someone will gonna text / call you anytime to confirm this reservation.

  6. Replies
    1. He's on-duty 24/7!
      Sir, may we kindly suggest you also to call us for direct inquiries.
      Thanks & see you~ :)

  7. available ba si junnel this sunday jul 2, 2016

  8. Pwede ba Sa pasig pa home service k junell?

  9. Available ba sya bukas ng umaga 11 am July 18, 2016?

    1. Sorry for the late reply...

      Next time kindly directly text/call us for home/hotel service as our phone numbers shown below;

      Phone: (+63) 02-958-4315
      Mobile (Night Time): (+63) 0908-580-2050 & (+63) 0927-675-8373
      Mobile (Day Time): (+63) 0918-571-7294 & (+63) 0939-274-3355

      You can also use our Quick Online Booking System...
      Or you can go or walk-in directly at our SPA.

      Thanks for dropping us a message...
      Hope to see you soonest~ :)



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