"Ang lumalakad nang mabagal, kung matinik ay mababaw; Ang lumalakad nang matulin, kung matinik ay malalim." (More haste, less speed.)

Working for anything should be well planned. Don't rush without thinking if you're not sure of a certain things or its outcome. Though, I am a risk-taker but I make sure that I am focus with my goal. On the otherhand, we should not quick to judge a person when you've not been known him for a long time.

In other words, it is a progress with discretion. Acting hastily one is likely to forget/overlook something important, leading to grave errors or failure.
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[Stay tune for more photos soonest.]

NAME Marlon (Half-Korean)
AGE 24 years old
HEIGHT 5' 7" (170cm.)
WEIGHT 165lbs. (76kgs.)
Would you LIKE him?


  1. Marlon is one of my favorite here in Real Extreme.
    His kindness turn me on to love him most :)

    Despite, he is a half-korean.
    So, I feel i am being served by Korean Man. ~:)

  2. Hi Marlon, perhaps next week I'll be in Philippines.
    I would definitely take your service again.

    It's been so long time perhaps more or less 6months that we've never seen again but the experience I have with you worth remembering always.

    I'll see you soonest.

  3. I was once browsing this website - and I was stumbled upon this masseur. And I want to try him.

    Anway I am Spanatic Jhairo - writer of and I want to drop by in your location. t try your service..

    I like Marlon since his look is very ragged that results him to look more masculine. His complexion is very manly, and look at his abs.

    I will be visiting you soon and i will look for marlon.. And I will write about yus spa and him... More power

    1. Thanks Jhairo for considering us as one amongst your list to visit SPAs.

      As I read the goal of your adventure, you're making random visits to share accurate, realistic and actual situations (or experience). Well, Good Luck to us and hoping you'll find great experience in our SPA as well.

      Hope we have a chance to know you in person as well. Our Management/Owner is more than willing to hear and communicate directly with you. Please feel free to email our CEO anytime at

  4. Soon Sir, I will email you guys. Im looking forward to experience kahit kaninong masseur na maipagmalaki nyo.. at sana maisulat ko sya...

  5. Is he still available at your spa?



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