Stand Up for What You Believe In

A Letter from Bryan of Quezon City
(Email: BryanS*******

Dearest RET;

It seems that I have found a great site that I believe to be a perfect corner to share my stand  on a widely-talked controversial issues in our society. Perhaps, through your site, we could enlighten the mind of many people who are against LGBT community.

By simply sharing the videos hereunder, it would be a good start to bring hopes of enlightenment to people who are still close-minded on our existence, the LGBT community.

As you've watched the video above, I believe that we shall continue to stand up for a good cause believing that we can make a difference in the life our fellowmen. Don't listen to others who would put down our friends, the Gay People. Instead, let us prove them wrong, don't cave in to their insults to turn down someone. Let us stand up for what we believe in.

As we have landed to the 21st century, we have heard voices and views of kids as shown in the video above. Let's open our mind and heart for the LGBT community. Join these kids as the way they have spoken. This is now the Real Extreme Reality in today's generation.

Thanks Real Extreme & More Power. With this simple share, I am hoping that I have enlightened someone out there.


Quezon City

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  1. Thanks for sharing the video...
    I am so inspired!
    More Power Real Extreme...



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