"Gutom ka? Subukan mong lunukin yang KAYABANGAN mo, mabubusog ka." (Are you hungry? Try swallowing your PRIDE, you'd be full.)

It's time to know that we had enough! Let's try to listen with our surroundings. We don't need to please everyone but we need to be pleasing human in our own eyes with the guidance of our Almighty.

It was our pride that changes us from good into devils but it is humility that makes us as better human beings.

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NAME Allan
AGE 25 years old
HEIGHT 5' 8" (173cm.)
WEIGHT 170lbs. (77kgs.)
Would you LIKE him?


  1. Hi, im kinda want to avail your massages..and I personally want to choose he still with your spa? Laguna area ako.cguro for the hotel jow much would it take kaya...tsaka ive noticed po puro last year po yung post...baka kasi di na existing or connected yung ibang model..i want to try alla. And his massage..waiting for your soonest response..

  2. Hi Jomar~
    Have a Great Day...
    Yes, Allan is still with us. Do you mean Allan will go to Laguna? Or would be checking in Hotel within Metro Manila?

    BTW, all photos of Masseurs that you see here are still connected with us unless noted under category of "Quondam (Former)".

    For you to have an idea about the rates of ourt services, please CLICK HERE.

    Here's what you can do for your reservation...

    See you soonest then. If you have further questions, just let us know anytime.

  3. just trying if alan would personally reply to this message. i wanna try him.

    1. He can't reply here at comment section personally. But if you wanna try him then...

      Just call us for home/hotel service as our phone numbers shown on HERE:
      Phone: (+63) 02-958-4315
      Mobile (Night Time): (+63) 0908-580-2050 & (+63) 0927-675-8373
      Mobile (Day Time): (+63) 0918-571-7294 & (+63) 0939-274-3355

      You can also use our Quick Online Booking System, just CLICK HERE to access our online form.

      Or you can go or walk-in directly at our SPA, simply CLICK HERE for the detailed and exact LOCATION MAP.

      Thanks for dropping us a message...
      Hope to see you here soonest~ :)

  4. Pag ganitong klasi ang itsura ng masseur ko baka ma addict naman ako lalo na kung mabait... hehehehe. Isa sa weakness ko pa mandin ang masahi. Madaling mahulog ang damdamin mo sa lalaking masarap mag massage..

    1. Tama. Mukha at katawan pa lang panalo na pag yan ang mag masahi sa akin.

    2. I will ensure you that Allan is one amongst our good guys! Not into drugs & even just normal cigars...

  5. Replies
    1. Yes, Allan is 24/7 available.

      Wanna book him?
      For home/hotel services (outcalls), just call/text us via these phone numbers such as
      Phone (+63) 02-358-7886 | Mobile (Night Time): (+63) 0939-274-3355 & (+63) 0975-118-2344 | Mobile (Day Time): (+63) 0908-777-5085 & (+63) 0927-675-8373

      You can also use our Quick Online Booking System

      On the other hand, you can also visit us via WALK-IN, see our location details here [ Simply click HERE for the detailed and exact location / map.

      So, whichever you preferred, we'll be excitingly waiting you... :)



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