TRISTAN (Quondam)

"Marami ka mang hiniling sa Diyos na hindi nya naibigay, mas marami naman Siyang binigay na hindi mo hiniling." (Perhaps you have a lot of requests to God that were not granted, however, much more have been given by Him to you without your requests.)

Actually, as we are busy counting what we don't have right now, let's just try to enjoy and share those what we have in order to multiply and be inspiration to more people and through our simple ways we can share those blessings that God has given to us.

Our real blessings may appear to us in a form of pains, losses and disappointments but a we wait a bit longer we shall reap the sweetness of happiness and joy.

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[Stay tune for more photos soonest.]

NAME Tristan
AGE 24 years old
HEIGHT 5' 5" (165cm.)
WEIGHT 140lbs. (64kgs.)
Would you LIKE him?


  1. isa lang masasabi SUPER sya.
    super bait at super okay ang kanyang performance.
    Winner ako sa kanya!



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