Notice of Unauthorized Representation

Notice of Unauthorized Representation of RealExtremeTouch (XtremeMassage)

This is to formally notify the public that REAL EXTREME TOUCH (RET) makes NO AUTHORIZATION to the following PEOPLE listed hereunder for any transactions such as advertising campaign or marketing method of any form that represents Real Extreme Touch (former Xtreme Massage) to any respective websites, blogs, forums, social media, and any online publishing.

Joel M******* joelm*******
Gabriel F******** ilovegabriel**
*identity partly hidden as our respect to their privacy whom their effort is still being appreciated by RET. We request our web visitors & browsers to balance their thoughts for any online posting coming from them which would be out of our control.

Real Extreme Touch (RET) understands and appreciates the initiative of anyone to boost us on the net world, however, RET wouldn’t allow anyone who will go beyond the limitation up to the extent of representing themselves as the owner, partner, staff, or representative of RET.

We are pleased and proud on testimonies about anyone's experience with us being shared online, on social media, websites, blogs, and forums, but those shared information should only be limited to the honest and accurate information that anyone have actually experience our services and should not step-in on our rights and decisions.

May we take this opportunity to inform the public especially owners of websites, blogs, and forums that any transactions from RET (XtremeMassage) would always be communicated through our official email addresses such as;

*Please report to us through these emails for any suspected misrepresentations in behalf of us

Further, as informed in our previous post that our official Social Media Account are the following;

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We apologize to Web Space Owners/Administrators and our Clients/Guests for the inconvenience caused by those misrepresentations in behalf of us.  Rest assured that our strength and focus of providing great massage experience would always be served  to the utmost satisfaction of our  Clients/Guests.

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  1. Friend ko si Joel M sa FB. Pero di ko sya personal na kakilala.

    Okay naman mga post nya kasi pinopost lang naman nya ang link. Doon sa mga wall post nya nakilala ko ang RET dahil sa kanya. Well, kahit hindi nya tuwirang sinabing owner sya ng RET, akala ko noon connectado sya sa RET.
    Thanks for the clarification, Guys.

    1. We made this Public Announcement to notify our Clients/Guests about any online posting by anyone (not just these pecified people above) in order to warn the browsers/readers to assess the truthfulness of any testimonies. We are relieve to know that his sharing on Facebook didn't go beyond the boundary.

      If you want to get real-time update about us on Facebook, please find us by typing "Matinding Haplos" or Like Us at

      Thanks to you once again.

  2. Kilala po ba ng RET ang mga yan? Mukhang in-love ang mga yan sa RET hahaha. O baka naman gusto nila maging partner or owner ng RET LOL.

    Hmm... baka naman po may libre syang masahe kaya nag-eeffort sya talaga to advertise, etc. Ako din, I need FREE Massage :)

    Well, RET, More Power po.

    1. Such efforts that are done voluntarily and in a nice way would be acknowledged and appreciated by us.

      Well, of course, anyone who have contributed in our marketing effort would be given a reward, though the reward could be simple yet dearest from heart. A free massage may be one among those we could give.

      As per your question if we know those people? There are a lot of Clients/Guests that we've talked to that showed interest of sharing their experience with us on their social media accounts, etc. Perhaps, they're one amongt those... yet we don't have direct involvement with them.

  3. Thanks for that notice, however, readers these days are very intelligent now. We know how to distinguish the truth vs lies.

    For me, i have my own testimonies about RET services, maybe that's I enjoyed visiting RET atleast once a month.



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