"Ang tunay na matalino, hindi lumalaki ang ulo. At ang tunay na edukado, di nanlalait ng ibang tao. " (A truest smart person doesn't grow his head but a real educated person doesn't revile on people.)

I admire people who are very clever yet stays humble. Every time that I meet professionals whose achievement speaks through those people he/she had reached with his/her hands in uplifting the lives of others, I am inspired and blessed to do the same. I am just very ordinary person but I do believe that journey starts as I wake up with a brand new day doing simple things to the best of what I can...

Well, it is so great to keep our eyes on the stars but our feet must be on the ground.

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NAME Jordan
AGE 22 years old
HEIGHT 5' 4" (163cm.)
WEIGHT 126lbs. (30kgs.)
Would you LIKE him?


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