RET Team Building & Christmas Party on December 17, 2014 (Whole Day)

RET will be closed from 5:00AM to 10:00PM, 17th December 2014 due to the above subjected events which will be held in one of the private resort at Antipolo City. Our operation may resume either on 10:00PM, 17th December 2014 or 5:00AM, 18th December 2014.

The RET Family will hold a Team Building and celebrate Christmas with you in spirit as we always remember you, our Clients/Guests, who have played a significant role from its old management to its new management. Together with you, we have walked so fast for more than six (6) months on  ladder of great changes and improvements.

We, your RET Family, would like to thank you for being with us always. Your prayers are our strength in moving forward. As we celebrate Christmas, we share our joy with you as we wish you a great and merriest Christmas and a bountiful new year.

Hereunder is the Schedule of Activities:

i.  Time: 5:00AM
ii.  Venue: Infront of RET

II. BREAKFAST: 8:00AM to 8:40AM

III. PROGRAMME 1: 8:40AM to 11:40AM
i.   Opening Prayer – Marlon
ii.  Opening Message – Tristan & Jeffrey
iii. CEO Message – DSL
iv.  Intermission Number – Jojo
v.   The New Management Overview - Roel
vi.  The Importance of Loyalty - Allan
vii. Re-Emphasis on RET Values & Re-Organization – DSL
viii. Intermission Number - Manuel
ix.   Announcement & Discussion of Policy – DSL
x.    The Clinical Massage Therapy Refreshment - Bobby
xi.  Intermission Number – Cyrus / Kenneth
xii. Message - The New Chapter for RET 2015 - DSL
xiii.Closing Prayer – Manuel

IV. LUNCH: 11:40AM – 1:30PM


i.  Videoke Singing Contest
     All (except Allan, Jay-R, Jeffrey, Joel)
ii. Apple Biting 
     [ Ace, Aimeen, Allan, Anthony, Arvie, Choi, Cyruz, Jojo, Edwin, Elmer]
iii. Egg Catching 
     [ Ice, Jay-R, Jeffrey, Joel, Jojo, John Paul, Junnel, Justine, Kenneth, Marlon, Ryan, Manuel ]
iv. Red Horse Drinking 
     [ Manuel, Mark, Owen, *****, Rain, Rey, Robert, Ryan, Arvie, Allan, James, Ice ]
v. Pool Wrestling
     [Junnel & Kenneth, Rain & Robert, Ryan & Aimeen, Tristan & Choi,  Victor & Anthony, William & Manuel ]
vi. Pinoy Henyo
     [ Roel & Bobby, Sean & Ice, Jay-R & Jeffrey, Allan & Edwin, Cyruz & ***** ]
vii. Pulburon + Flour + Coins Blowing 
     [Tristan, Victor, William, Bob, Joel, Jeffrey, Jay-R, Justine, Manuel, Ice ]
viii. Longest Breath on Water
ix. Stop Dance with Twist
     Partnership of Old & New RET members
xii. Message Relay
     Eldest Team & Youngest Team 
xi. & Others

i.    Opening Prayer – Ryan
ii.    Awarding of Winners, Exchange Gift, Surprise Award
iii.   Inspirational Message – Bob / Roel
iv.   Closing Message - DSL
v.    Closing Prayer – Choi

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  1. I've heard from one of your masseurs that your outing was really enjoyable. Appeared looks so organized as well. Where are the photos? LOL
    Actually, just want to tell "More Power RET!". Upon reading your programme, I am so blessed with it. Just wanna say Wow! Your company or organization is sooo Amazing!

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