"Ang mga taong dapat pahalagahan at ingatan ay yung mga taong sinaktan mo na't lahat, hinding hindi ka pa rin iiwan." (The person that should be valued and preserved are those people that despite being hurt by you, still never leave you.)

I am often being regarded as insensitive or inconsiderate... But I know myself, that's not me! I may not be showy to express my feelings... my emotions... and how I care... but deep inside, you may not know how deeply I am in love with you. I would understand if you may leave me now but I wish someday you'd feel how precious you are to me...

Just think that as long as you're happy, I'd be happy, too.

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AGE 21 years old
HEIGHT 5' 9" (175cm.)
WEIGHT 139lbs. (63kgs.)
Would you LIKE him?


  1. Nandyan ba ngayon si Gian?

  2. Hindi pa po na-duty si Gian. Baka matatagalan pa. Pili nalang po kayo ng iba. Marami pa po kayong mapagpipiliian di2.



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