"Ang matalinong tao ay alam kung paano magmahal. Pero ang mas matalinong tao ay alam kung sino ang dapat mahalin." (The wise man knows how to love. But the smarter person knows who to love.)

How I wish that I am wise to show my love be recognized and be felt. I am loving not because of logical thinking or practicality, instead, I am loving just because it is what I felt. I admit I blunt lover. Still I struggling If I use my head or my heart or both. Right now, I am using my heart.

Am I wrong if I am following my feeling and not what I am thinking. I do hope that my heart on my journey will just show me how to be wiser and smarter.

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NAME Vincent
AGE 19 years old
HEIGHT 5' 9" (175 cm.)
WEIGHT 126 lbs. (57kgs.)
Would you LIKE him?


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