PRICES (Tabulated Form)

Over the years, we at Real Extreme Touch continues to value and respect your precious time.  Hence, we would like to present our  Discounted Rates in an easier form so that you can easily assess by direct comparison all the details necessary for your final decision. 

Now, using the data below, you can now easily tell, call or text us your preferred services using the corresponding codes.

As you can see on the tabulation, there are three (3) services packages such as;

  1. Full Body Massage (Combination of Swedish & Shiatsu)
  2. Hydrowash Massage (Hydro Wash + Full Body Massage)
  3. Signature Massage (Body Scrub + Hydrowash + Full Body Massage)

Hereunder is our Tabulated Price List; (You can click the image below to enlarge or clearer view of the image) 
 Click to Enlarge

Having explained and tabulated above, how then can you speed up your transaction? Well, here how you gonna do;

  1. Call / Text / Tell us the CODE/s of your preferred service;
  2. Specify who is/are your preferred Masseur/s. Just give / text the name/s of your selected masseur/s;
  3. Specify the exact date and time of your appointment with us;
  4. If Home/Condo/Hotel Service, kindly specify the following: if Home/Condo - exact address including house# / unit # and Condominium Name then if Home/Hotel - hotel name, landmark, room number & hotel phone #;
  5. Specify your name or code name or nickname or your name registered in your hotel, whichever will be necessary for us to contact you.
  6. Finally, just wait the arrival of our masseur/s on your doorstep.

Catch us here and we'll keep you posted anytime.
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