#RET Landmarks - Old Location from yr 2012-2017

If you'd follow exactly as illustrated on the map below, it is so easy to find us.

Well, we'll make your life easier by providing you some photos that would help you visualize our exact location.

Here we goes....

Our Neighboring Buildings / Establishments are as follows;
  • Orange Arrow (Entrance going to 2nd & 3rd/F); Blue Arrow (2nd & 3rd Floor)
  • Just above BDM CT Scan; Beside Hideout Bar

Our Landmarks near to RET Location are as follows;
  • After 7-11 Convenient Store [perhaps just three (3) minutes away by car]
  • After  Shell & Petron Gas Stations [just look & follow the map below]
  • Before Caltex Station [perhaps one (1) more street after Real Extreme Touch]

Our Landmarks just opposite to our Building is;
  • A PLDT Cell site Tower
  • Just opposite of this PLDT cell site tower is RET.

Hereunder is RET Entrance;
  • Just on the left side if you're facing the door of BDM CT Scan

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