" Ang pag-ibig nararamdaman, hindi dinadaan sa yaman; Ang pag-ibig inaalagaan, pinahahalagaan, at dapat iniingatan." ( Love is being felt, not being taken by wealth; Love is being cared for, cherished, and preserved.)

Shall there be love if paid? In exploring new things, money can be an instrument, but not an absolute needs, for a long lasting journey... I agree that without money we can't move so far but though it might limit us to look on the basic and/or available resources that we might have forgotten already which would be so important factor to bring back the sweeter days of our lives.

Being simple and ordinary reaches more people around you and felt the real you...

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[Stay tune for more photos soonest.]

NAME Jomel
AGE 27 years old
HEIGHT 5' 9" (176cm.)
WEIGHT 150lbs. (68kgs.)
Would you LIKE him?


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