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"Kung may galit ka sa isang tao, sabihin mo ng harapan. Hindi yung para kang bata na kung kani-kanino mo pinagsasabi." (If you are angry with someone, tell him directly infront of his/her face. Don't be like child telling to whoever people around him/her.)

The proper way to deal anger is to talk and discuss things to the concerned or involved parties / persons. It's not good to spread gossips against him/her. Doing so, it will just ruin the entire relationship until it will become an endless word war. As for me, I'd love to make peace with the person I have troubled with in just 30 minutes. What is most important is keeping the good things that happened in past rather than continuing such anger that will kill you at the end.

I love building deeper a certain relationship than destroying it.

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AGE 19 years old
HEIGHT 5' 7" (170cm.)
WEIGHT 126 lbs. (57kgs.)
Would you LIKE him?


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