John Mark

"Madaling sugatan ang pusong walang alam. Madaling paglaruan ang taong nagmamahal ng lubusan pero mahirap ibalik ang pagmamahal ng isang taong nasaktan na." (It is easy to hurt an inocent heart. It is easy to play on someone who is so in love but it so hard to restore the love of someone who is so hurt...)

It is easy to say "play with me and I will play with you" but this is not my personality. I am a sincere lover and though I will be hurt because I love you, I will just treasure all the memories we have together and will be my stepping stone to move on. I will be better along my way but not because I am challenge but because I am inspired to repeat our history together with someone I would be loving forever.

My world doesn't end with you, it will end with me.

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NAME John Mark
AGE 19 years old
HEIGHT 5' 6" (168cm.)
WEIGHT 111lbs. (50kgs.)
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