"Hindi importante ang sobrang daming pera, ang importante may masayang pamilya." (It is not important to have a plenty of money, it is more important to have a happy family.)

I realized that serving your family is the best thing do while everything are still going so well, not merely on the time that there's troubles, sicknesses and needs. Do everything on your power or strength to give everything to make a family stronger, healthier and happier.

My Mother's word before she died as relayed to me was that "I hope my Son will give more important on his health than on earning money 'coz it useless if you can't be cured anymore."

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NAME Zy pronounced as "Say", "Psy"
AGE 23 years old
HEIGHT 5' 6" (168cm.)
WEIGHT 145lbs. (66kgs.)
Would you LIKE him?


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