Executive Room Now Available including Saver Package (OFW Pkge)

Now, here's the room you've been long waiting for... The Executive Room - enjoy the privacy you've wishing from our SPA.

The features of the Executive Room is the following;

  • Twice wider than the VIP/Typical Room,
  • Wider Bed,
  • With TV, Aircon, Backup Cooler & Ceiling Fan
  • With Locker,
  • Nature/Forest Decors,
  • Stretching/Exercise Ball, Etc.

Same as those in our Typical Rooms and VIP Rooms, the three (3) services packages are still on it such as;
  1. Full Body Massage (Combination of Swedish & Shiatsu)
  2. Hydrowash Massage (Hydro Wash + Full Body Massage)
  3. Signature Massage (Body Scrub + Hydrowash + Full Body Massage)

The best about this Executive Room is that RET has considered is the Saver Package for  Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) or Foreigners in order to have;

  • a short yet relaxing stop-over before going straight to OFWs' homes/provinces or foreigners' destinations;
  • a pre-selection of masseurs for the entire time of stay, say  a line-up of 1 to 3 Masseurs;
  • another round of great massage sessions prior to the return of OFWs & Foreigners to each respective countries of destination.

Hereunder is our Tabulated Price List; (You can click the image below to enlarge or clearer view of the image) 
 Click to Enlarge

Having explained and tabulated above, how then can you speed up your transaction? Well, hereunder is the easy way to do it.

  1. Call / Text / Tell us the amount of your selected Service Package;
  2. Specify who is/are your preferred Masseur/s. Just give / text the name/s of your selected masseur/s; and
  3. Specify the exact date and time of your appointment (massage session) with us. Otherwise, just walk-in and do step 1 & 2 right a way. Now, you can personally pick/discuss your preferred masseur/s and your budgetary constraints.

Catch us here and we'll keep you posted anytime.
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