"Para sa manggagawa sa ibang bansa, kung hindi ka marunong magtabi para sa iyong sarili, uuwi kang pulubi." (For overseas workers, if you do not save money for yourself, you will return home as beggar.)

It's good to send all our money to our home country for our families (love ones) but we must learn to assess to send money just enough for their needs and likewise we must be able to know (check) if our remittances were being spent reasonably and accordingly. We must learn to retain (save) money for ourselves at least 20% of our entire earnings monthly. Don't remit the entire amount of your hard earned income. Because at the end these retained 20% can be used for your emergencies such as health and unforeseen events of your life.

Trust is all that must matter but when it comes to money, please just give your 90% trust to your keeper.

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NAME Jasper
AGE 26 years old
HEIGHT 5' 8" (173cm.)
WEIGHT 143 lbs. (65kgs.)
Would you LIKE him?


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