#ShiningStar: Top 2 Performers

"Congratulations to #RETMen Top 2 Performers for June 2018" (Mainit na Pagbati sa mga #RETMen Top 2 Performers ng buwan ng Hunyo sa taong kasalukuyan, 2018)

The entire RET Staff & Management is proud and thankful for the excellent performance of our Top 2 #RealExtremeMen for this month, June 2018. Evidently, these Top 2's are the Shining Stars in the heart of our Clients;

These Top 2 Performers have been selected because of the following criteria;

  1. Most Requested by Clients
  2. Most Numbered of Returned Clients
  3. Most Appreciated Performance by Clients

We thank you, Dearest Clients, for your trust and patronage to our Masseurs and to Real Extreme Touch. Their ranks will still rely on you on July 2018.

Likewise, the above awardees received Cash Prizes as per RET Rewards & Demotions Policies.

[Click on the Photo for the Enlarge View]

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  1. Bakit ang top 2 sa itaas ay MR & JR as number 1 pero sa picture it is Jerick and JR?

    1. Sorry, it was typo mistakes. Corrected already. Thanks for notifying us.



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