ARMAN (Chin)

"Lahat ng ginagawa ko ay para lamang sa kinabukasan ko dahil alam ko habang ako'y namimitas maipapamahagi ko ang mga pagpapala na ito kaninuman." (Everything I Do,I just Do it for my Future Only; 'Coz I Know while I'm Harvesting, I can Share these Blessings to Anyone.)

Why I am working so hard? Of course, for myself. If I will be seen sleeping on rugs, it will be the results of my actions. I will not wait that situation to happen, instead I will ensure that I can give comfort of myself so that such joy that I have will transpire to the people around me. I will not let anyone hunger as long as I am with them. I love seeing everyone happy, the reason why I was born.

It is the same as those wishes for myself to be healthy and fit because I hate to be in the hospital. My heart melts seeing sick people, I may die so fast.

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AGE 29 years old
HEIGHT 5' 9" (175cm.)
WEIGHT 155lbs. (70kgs.)
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