"Bago mo Husgahan ang Pagkatao ko, Subukan mong isuot ang Sapatos ko at Lakbayin ang Buhay na Tinahak ko. Kung Narating mo ang Narating ko, Malalaman mo ang Tatag at Tapang ko." (Before Judging Me, Try Wearing my Shoes and Walk along the Path where I've been through, If you reach where I am, You'll know how Strong I am. (simplified))

People are so easy to judge by looks or status... They don't realize the story or reason behind such either failure or success and disregards the feeling of a person they're are hurting as long as they're happy teasing, mocking, pulling/turning down, gossiping, bullying and even beating their subject to death. The People who loves us are those people who understands who we are.

I won't explain myself to anyone, I will do only what I know would be the best for my future. Because as I will be achieving those successes and harvesting the fruits of my labor, no one can stop me sharing those blessings to anyone or everyone who needs my attention, care and love...

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AGE 23 years old
HEIGHT 5' 6" (168cm.)
WEIGHT 135lbs. (61kgs.)
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