#BrainyQuote II from #TheCEO

"Being the CEO of Real Extreme Touch is so tough especially that I am away from Philippines (#RETFamily)" I believe that one of the most effective way to inculcate my message and bring into action for the Management, Staff and all the Masseurs is to leave (via social media) those thoughtful words derived from my experiences and visions that would guide/inspire everyone.

The bridge that get us closer to each other, though I am so far from you, is our constant communication.  I am opening every single line, any ways or any forms, for you to reach me. In this way, I am certain that I am guiding you at all times...

Here's the Part II of the CEO's Quotes

[I will NOT STOP 'till everything is CLEAR! Do it again & I will KICK U OUT! NO More LAST Chance...]
[Everything I Do, I just Do it for my Future Only; 'Coz I Know while I'm Harvesting, I can Share these Blessings to Anyone.]
[I Let U Go / Terminated U; 'coz I Love U. Otherwise, U'll Ruin the Lives of Others, & even Ur Life & Future.]

[Don't Let the Patience Exceeds the Limit; Because You Don't Know the Next Thing to Happen.]
[Trust is Built with Consistency. If U'r Words & Actions Speak The Other Way, No One May Believe U.]
[Everyone can Choose 1 Personality Only - either be GOOD or be BAD! Select 1 & Assess Urself... R U on the Right Path Now?]

Having you, the #RealExtremeFamily and the #RealExtremeClients , inspire me to inspire all of you...

While I am away, please bear in mind that there's always a light for every hopes that would bring us in a common platform of success. See you soonest, my Dearest #REF & #REC.

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