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"Kung wala kang lakas ng loob, Siguradong wala kang balls (literal idiomatic translation; itlog o bur*t); Paano mo magagawa ang mga bagay na ikaw mismo ay hindi mo alam kung paano ito uumpisahan." (If U have No Guts, Definitely U have No Balls; How can U do Things U Don't even know How to Start it.)

Many people have a lot of plans in their mind... it just keep running back and and forth at back of their head. However, most of them don't know how can they be able to put it into action. Why, because what comes first to them is the fear to be failed. A negative "what if" comes first... Once these thoughts rules, you can't start even just one plan amongst those on your list. We need to have the strong of starting, moving and completing each of those plans or dreams we have in our mind.

It's not wrong to be a risk-taker as long as you know how you can manage the risk of undertaking it.

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If a massage reduces pain of osteoarthritis, decrease stress and improve balance, then may I offer my hands for you. I am just a ring away.". - RETiON

NAME ION ( ion )
AGE 19 years old
HEIGHT 5'6" (168cm.)
WEIGHT 145lbs. (66kgs.)
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