HERBERT, the Consistent Top Performing Masseur

"Walang lihim sa pagtatagumpay. Ito lamang ay resulta ng paghahanda, pagsusumikap, at paghuhumintig para tumayo muli mula sa mga pagkabigo." (There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and standing up again from failures.)

I never expect this achievement. My simplest desire when I entered RET is just to help (helping my family and inspire young ones). I am thankful with all our Clients for putting me on this spot every month. If our management couldn't believe this statistical result, even myself couldn't believe too.

I am so thankful to the CEO of believing in me and inspiring and disciplining me to keep my feet on the ground. This status could be temporary but I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my Guests for trusting me to serve you.

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"I never promise anything to anyone, especially to our Dearest Clients, but as our Management's guidelines and advises, rest assured that I will always perform to the best and standard of RET in which my massage should bring you your most needed relief and refreshment. I hope that you'd release your stresses as I perform my massage with you..." RealExtremeMasseurHerbert

NAME Herbert
AGE 31 years old
HEIGHT 6' (183cm.)
WEIGHT 143 lbs. (78kgs.)
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