ePay: Online Payment via Debit & Credit Card is Now Acceptable here at RET

We heard you, our Dearest Clients/Guests,
So meanwhile, let's see what Tom & Jerry what to say...

On the ePAY section, you'll see these secured payment pages;

[Transcript of Conversation]

Scene 1

Tom: Hey! I have Great News... I heard the RET is now accepting Debit & Credit Card Payment
for Outcall & Walk-in Services...

Jerry: Wow! So I don’t need to bring cash anymore... I will use my cash to my other needs then..

Scene 2

Jerry: Hmmm... it’s timely I will book a home service now. Just here at home ‘coz I’m so  tired & stressed the whole day. By the way, how would I pay? 

Tom: Well, it’s so easy... Take your laptop / mobile phone then go to On the MENU, click on “ePay” after that pick your preferred service and then click “Pay Now”.
During the payment process, you’ll be asked to provide the ff: Name of Masseur/s, Date, Time & Location

Scene 3

Tom: Watch! Select your preferred Masseur/s here. Though, not all masseurs are included but sufficient choices already. Francis, Troi & other newests are not on the video now.

Scene 4

Tom: WAIT!!! where are you going??? You told me that you’re going to stay home, You must be here, I’ll go to RET now. COME HERE! 

Jerry: Don’t you know while watching... I already booked a hotel and paid via Credit Card. See you later...

Scene 5

Jerry: Bye! Bye!!! Thanks for the information... See you later!!!RET wait for me!

Scene 6 & 7

Tom wasn’t able to stop Jerry, Tom took his massage at home via Outcall Service using his Debit Card.

While Jerry enjoys the massage at Real Extreme Touch SPA via Walk-in Service using his Credit Card.

At the end, their extra Cash was bought with a delicious yummy cheese and they share together...

Tom: What are you waiting for... Book now at See you!

Jerry: Get updaated at liking...


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