RyeJye, The Sweetest Young Masseur

"Humanap ka ng taong napapangiti ka kahit tingin lang nya. Hindi yung umiiyak ka na, nakangiti pa din sya." (Look for someone who makes you smile though just as he looks at you. No the one who is smilling even though your crying...)

If I could be the person that makes your world go round then It's pleasure to be with you 24/7/365! I am so sensitive to feel your needs and I am tough to be your shield on those who would like to destroy you.

Try to smile with 5 people in a day and everyday then how joyful the world would be because of you...

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"Let my massage decreases  your frequency and severity of tension headaches. Be my touch, safe, friendly and professional, would be give you an incredibly therapeutic and relaxing... " - RETRyeJye

NAME RyeJye (pronouce it as RayJay)
AGE 19 years old
HEIGHT 5'4" (163cm.)
WEIGHT 125lbs. (57kgs.)
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