Signs To Look for a Good Masseur (Therapist)

How you can sense if your therapist is really good (skillful)? Does a look matter for a masseur/therapist?

We asked many of our Clients, why it's needed us to describe the looks (physical appearance) of a masseur/therapist when they're inquiring or why it's needed for them to see first the looks (physical appearance) of a masseur/therapist when walking-in in our SPA...

Our Clients responses are common and appear reasonable and we summarize all their answers in one of the responses we've gathered from our Client by quoting as below;

"It's so important for me that the Masseur/Therapist should look presentable and healthy, the facial value is just a plus factor for me. Why not, the masseur/therapist would be touching/massaging your body, the whole body perhaps,  and I treasure my body and must be reserved so I must select whom would see/massage me. Would you like an unhealthy being, promoting a massage for health benefits, who will be massaging you? Of course, Not!"

A good masseur goes beyond the ability to make a Client feel a little better. A masseur should make an impact on a Client’s life. He can teach Clients new cognitive and emotional skills, that would help them overcome trauma, guide them toward better relationships and transform them into better versions of themselves.

Clients are easily confused about how skilled a masseur/therapist that would well match their preferences. So, keep reading and we'll guide you through... in the end, you can quickly decide whether the masseur/therapist you have chosen can make a big positive difference in your life.

1. Are you happy with the results after your massage session?

The client must know what they want from therapy or massage such points of pain that needs to reduce its pain. The masseur must be willing to work for it and help the Client achieve those results that the Client desired.

2. Do the reviews of the Masseur provides both Practical and Emotional feedback?

A masseur/therapist must show they care about what the Clients are saying... Such reviews should reflect the character of the Masseur. While if no reviews available, the Masseur should really focus on how he pleases its client by serving with the right massage/kneading pressure (verifying from time to time if the Client is still okay with the pressure) and talking with Client if so needed, during the massage session.

3. Does your Masseur is so Empathetic with you?

Masseurs/Therapists should constantly be trying to place themselves in the client’s shoes in order to deepen the therapeutic bond that leads to better results.

4. Does Masseur/Therapist Try to Understand What You Want?

In cases where the Clients enter a SPA without knowing exactly what they want, it is the Masseur’s job to help the Client figure that out. The Masseur should do this by asking questions at appropriate times.

5. Does the Masseur/Therapist Listen to you?

All Masseurs must listen to their Clients and sort of remembering it for the next session (way of personal connection with the Client). A good masseur will make the effort to understand everything that the Clients are saying and be able to pick it up without asking the Client to refresh them again.

6. Do you Understand What Masseurs/Therapists Are Saying?

All Masseurs should be able to communicate their suggestions concisely and clearly so that the Client can respond well, too.

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7. Does your Masseur show Interest in What You Are Saying and Feeling?

A Masseur should have questions and responses that show interest in the Client's thoughts and emotions. Listening is not enough. There must be an exchange of conversation

8. Does Your Masseur Explain Your Symptoms/Pains?

Skilled therapists can explain factors that might be contributing to their pains. The masseur make more progress in this area, explores issues related to symptoms and ultimately reduces them.

9. Does your Masseur Check in on your Progress?

The Client might not remember to evaluate how they're doing, so it’s the Masseur’s responsibility to check in occasionally. This will help the Client make more progress and shift strategies when necessary.

10. Does your Masseur help you gain Confidence for you to Improve Your Life?

If you are dealing with severe depression, anxiety or trauma, you might have lost hope for improving your life. A good masseur must help you restore this hope.

11. Does your Masseur show new Skills in your Massage Session?

You’re not paying for alternative medicine that may or may not work. A good masseur should use techniques and strategies that are up-to-date and have evidence to back their efficacy.

Feel free to ask your therapist about the efficacy of his or her techniques. If the therapist is good, there will be nothing to hide.

12. Does your Masseur have continuing Training?

Real Extreme Touch offers continuing training for our Therapists so that they won't be left-out from new skills and will not forget proper steps in a massage.

13. A therapist should use a private space to protect your privacy and provide audio that is free of background noise. If in the SPA, the Masseur should play *forest-theme music* or any instrumental music that would contribute a harmonious calm environment.

14. The therapist should use eye contact and body language to convey both interest and empathy. A masseur should always show happiness while serving. A masseur should not tell his sad story to its Clients.

15. A good Masseur should always abide by its Company Rules and Policies. Should learn to say No when it is against the standard of the company and say Yes if its for Clients' Satisfaction as long as it is within the Company's Standard.

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