TERRENCE, Masseur with Driven Love to Serve

"Ang pagmamahal ay hindi lamang nasusukat kung gaano mo siya kadalas damayan, minsan ang tapat at tunay na pag-ibig ay nasusukat sa mga panahong wala siya sa piling mo, dahil nagsasakripisyo siya ng ikaw ang dahilan.." (Love is not only measured by how often you are with him/her, sometimes honesty and true love are measured at times when he/she is not with you, because he/she is sacrificing for your cause.)

It is my love for my family that inspires me to work harder and serve better. I am drawing out my strength from the love of my family.  I may not be perfect or skillful but I am learning to perfect my craft. Why? Because if my Client would be happy through my service, then I know I am doing the right way...

Without me physically at the roof of my home, they know I am away at the roof where my sweats are falling...

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"If my massage at least stimulates the lymphatic system, reduce stress hormones, increase joint mobility and flexibility, improve skin tone, and improve recovery of soft tissue injuries; then, I hope at the end of my service you'll enjoy these benefits!" RealExtremeMasseurTerrence

NAME Terrence
AGE 22 years old
HEIGHT 5'7" (170cm.)
WEIGHT 154lbs. (70kgs.)
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