LORDIE, Genuine Service comes from a Genuine Heart

"Hindi lahat ng nakapagtapos ng pag-aaral yumayaman o naghihirap. Dahil ang pag-asenso ay nakukuha sa sipag, tiyaga, pananampalataya at diskarte sa buhay." ( Neither all graduates are rich nor poor. Because riches comes from diligence, perseverance, faith and life-style..)

I preferred to work in Manila because I know I can give greener pasture for my family. Sometimes, there are so many risks as well same as in farming. These days, we're fighting against the impact of covid-19. I hope and pray that the spread of virus will soon vanish and soon everyone are free to move again.

Right now, I am fully responsible for my Clients' safety, hence, I ensure that I will do all necessary prevention in order to keep myself healthy because I know I would be rendering service for my Clients. I know that if I am clear then my Clients would be clear as well and in turn we make our community healthy. So, when everyone is healthy, the community progresses, too.

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"In my massage, it will stimulates the soft tissues of your body will help to release toxins through your blood and lymphatic systems. Likewise, my massage massage therapy will loosen and relax your muscles, helping your body to achieve its full range of movement potential." RealExtremeMasseurLordie

AGE 27 years old
HEIGHT 5'7" (170cm.)
WEIGHT 143lbs. (65kgs.)
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