Raining Real Extreme Masseurs Active List | Your Massage Buddies since 1997

For over 2 Decades (23 years), you have trusted us, your #RETFamily, since 1997. In our service to deliver quality massage, you have welcomed us with open hearts.

So we fully signify the brand of Real Extreme Touch, the quality massage delivered by our hardworking, kind, trustworthy and Handsome Masseurs.

So here it is again our Raining Selection of Masseurs who delivers Real Extreme Touch;

Sa loob ng mahigit na 2 Dekada (23 taon), ang inyong #PamilyangRET ay inyong pinagkatiwalaan simula pa noong 1997. Sa aming pagsisilbi upang maghatid ng may kalidad na masahe, tinanggap nyo kami ng bukal sa inyong mga puso.

Kaya lubusan naming pinahahalagan ay tatak na ito ng Real Extreme Touch, ang maghatid ng kalidad na masahe ng aming mga masisipag, mababait, mapagkakatiwalaan at Guwapong mga Masahista.

Kaya heto muli ang aming mga nag-uulan na pilian ng mga naghahatid ng tunay na  matinding haplos na mga masahista;

Wanna see more of  their photos? Click on the photo itself.

Wanna see or have a full copy of the complete photoshoot of your favorite Masseur? Now, you can download below:

MASSEUR'S NAME Complete Numbers of Photos
ADRIAN Download 43 PHOTOS Now
ALDRIN Download 45 PHOTOS Now
ALLAN Download 37 PHOTOS Now
AMIR Download 79 PHOTOS Now
ANGELO Download 34 PHOTOS Now
ANTHON Download 28 PHOTOS Now
AZ Download 50 PHOTOS Now
BARON Download 22 PHOTOS Now
BRANDO Download 24 PHOTOS Now
BRYAN Download 105 PHOTOS Now
CARL Download 59 PHOTOS Now
CARLO Download 24 PHOTOS Now
CLYDE Download 42 PHOTOS Now
CYRUZ Download 67 + 50PHOTOS Now
DAN Download 82 PHOTOS Now
DANIEL Download 36 PHOTOS Now
DJ Download 30 PHOTOS Now
EDWIN Download 32 PHOTOS Now
ETHAN Download 87 PHOTOS Now
FIDEL Upcoming
GAB Download 48 PHOTOS Now
FRANCIS Download 96 PHOTOS Now
GABRIEL Download 54 PHOTOS Now
GEORGE Download 48 PHOTOS Now
GIO Download 27 PHOTOS Now
HAYDEN Download 34 PHOTOS Now
HERBERT Download 26 + 21 + 27 + 36 PHOTOS Now
iON Download 30 PHOTOS Now
iVAN Download 58 PHOTOS Now
JADEN Download 44 PHOTOS Now
JAMIL Download 25 PHOTOS Now
JAYCE Download 69 PHOTOS Now
JAZ Download 100 PHOTOS Now
JERICK Download 35 PHOTOS Now
JOEL Download 32 PHOTOS Now
JR Download 43 PHOTOS Now
JV Download 39 PHOTOS Now
KEAN Download 43 PHOTOS Now
KYLE Download 25 PHOTOS Now
L.A. Download 33 PHOTOS Now
LANCE Download 39 PHOTOS Now
LAXUZ Download 37 PHOTOS Now
LEANDRO Download 27 PHOTOS Now
LORDIE Download 48 PHOTOS Now
MARK II Download 34 PHOTOS Now
MARKY Download 49 PHOTOS Now
MARVIN Download 57 PHOTOS Now
MATH Download 81 PHOTOS Now
MHIKE Download 58 PHOTOS Now
MIGGY Download 73 PHOTOS Now
MIGUEL Download 78 PHOTOS Now
NATHAN Download 33 PHOTOS Now
OWEN Download 26 PHOTOS Now
PAULO Download 44 PHOTOS Now
PHIL Download 33 PHOTOS Now
RED Download 48 PHOTOS Now
ROBERT Download 48 PHOTOS Now
RUI Download 41 PHOTOS Now
SCOTT Download 42 PHOTOS Now
TERRENCE Download40 + 71PHOTOS Now
TROI Download 32 PHOTOS Now
WOWIE Download 89 PHOTOS Now
XIAN Download 61 PHOTOS Now
YUAN Download 47 PHOTOS Now
YUKI Download 39 PHOTOS Now
ZENJIE Download 43 PHOTOS Now

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