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The TikTok Stars in the circle of Real Extreme Men: AMIR & iON

"Huwag kang matakot na maging ikaw. Pakakatandaan na ang pagiging orihinal ay mas maganda kaysa sa peke." (Don’t be afraid to be you. Remember that originality is better than fake.)

Sometimes it’s embarrassing to show the people around you your ability, but it really only takes one step to make things happen.

All that is needed is not to understand what those around you are going to say but to move in accordance with the heartbeat and dictates of the mind without being influenced by what other people will say.

In today’s pandemic era, rather than mourning the hardship and suffering we are experiencing, let’s make things easier by giving other people a smile in a way like this Tiktok that is timely today.

Come join us in our simple dances and more. Watch our videos on our YouTube Channel and don't miss to subscribe so you can always be updated on our upcoming videos.

AGE 23 years old
HEIGHT 5'5" (165cm.)
WEIGHT 143lbs. (65 kgs.)

[Filipino Translation of the above] 

Minsan nakakahiyang ipakita sa mga taong nakapaligid ang iyong kakayahan, ngunit kailangan lang nga isang paggalaw para magtuluy-tuloy na daloy ng buhay.

Ang kailangan lamang ay hindi pag-intindi kung ano ang mga sasabihin ng mga nakapalibot sa iyo kundi gumalaw naayon sa tinitibok ng puso at dinidikta ng isipan nang hindi nagpapaimplwensya sa kung ano ang sasabihin ng ibang tao.

Sa panahon ng pandemya ngayon, kaysa ipagluksa ang ating nararanasang hirap at pagdurusa, gawin nating maging magaan ang mga bagay-bagay sa pamamagitang ng pagbibigay ngiti sa ibang tao sa paraang tulad nitong Tiktok na napapanahon ngayon.

Halina't sabayan nyo kami sa aming mga simpleng sayaw at iba pa. Manuod ng aming mga video sa aming YouTube Channel at huwag kaligtaang magsubscribe para lagi kang ma-update sa aming mga paparating na mga videos.

NAME iON (pronounced as A-Yon)
AGE 20 years old
HEIGHT 5'6" (168cm.)
WEIGHT 145lbs. (66kgs.)

"We at Real Extreme Touch massages you for you to be relaxed, reduced your stress, helped lower your blood pressur, have your muscle relaxation, improved circulation, improved posture, and achieved strength of your Body's immune system. " Real Extreme Masseurs

We heard you, our Dearest Clients!

Now, you can pay directly for the Massages services to be rendered by AMIR via Debit & Credit Card through Paypal, a secured, safe and encrypted payment processor. Just click on below if you see this [PAY NOW] on your preferred service.

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You're edge of direct payment would be;

☑️ It's just CREDIT! So, you can use your cash for your other needs.
☑️ No need to pay directly to our staff & masseur/s.
☑️ Pay the exact amount as specified here, no hidden charges.
☑️ Your reservation is secured & prioritized because you have confirmed and paid the services in advance. So, during the payment process you'll be asked to provide the following;
  • Name of the Masseur/s at your Preferred Date & Time,
  • Location / address "under Shipping Address" where you'd like our masseurs to serve you.
☑️ If you have fill-in those information above, you will still be directed to a reservation form to ensure that every details are clear for both you and RET.
☑️ If at any case, you missed the link of reservation form, you can always get back here and fill in this [RESERVE NOW] Form.
☑️ If you're in a hurry, then simply Call/Text/Tell us directly your Payment Transaction Details and you're good to go.
☑️ Enjoy your massage session! :)

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