KENSHIN, Not Just Face Value Counts but His Skill matters Most!

"Hindi ko hinihiling na pahalagahan mo ako ng sobra; ang gusto lang maging tapat ka kahit hindi tayo magkasama." ( I’m not asking you to care me too much; I just want you to be honest even if we're not together.)

That is the most important of all, the Trust in each other. Our relationship was formed because we had trust. Let me do my part as your lover but I hope you don’t tie me in your arm alone. Because the more I get to know many people around me, the stronger my love for you grows.

Here at RET Family, I am grateful because our company is very solid. Because in here is caring and loyalty as a real family. We are built with love and we also reciprocate it with true love.

So we definitely know that because we are formed with love, we will serve our Clients with high respect and love as well. We treat them as part of the RET Family. In fact, from 1997 until now, we have remained strong because of our avid loyal Clients.

[Filipino Translation of the above] 

Yan ang pinakamahalaga sa lahat, ang Pagtitiwala sa isa't isa. Nabuo ang ating samahan dahil mayroon tayong pagtitiwala. Hayaan mong gampanan ko ang aking tungkulin bilang nagmamahal sa iyo pero sana huwag mo akong itali sa bisig mo lamang. Dahil habang marami akong nakikilala, doon lalong tumitibay ang aking pag-ibig sa iyo.

Dito sa RET Family, nagpapasalamat ako dahil ang aming samahan ay napaka-solid. Dahil andito ang pagmamalasakitan at katapatan bilang isang tunay na pamilya. Kami'y binuo ng may pagmamahal at sinusuklian din namin ito ng tunay na pagmamahal.

Kaya alam namin na dahil nabuo kami ng may pagmamahal, kami'y magseserbisyo nang may mataas na paggalang at pagmamahal sa aming mga Klyente. Itinuturing din namin sila bilang kabahagi ng RET Family. Kaya nga, mula pa noong taong 1997 hanggang ngayon, nananatiling matatagtag kami dahil din sa aming mga masugid na klyente.

"With my Massage, you'll get what you need such as that reducing stress and increasing relaxation, reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension, improving circulation, energy and alertness, lowering heart rate and blood pressure and finally improving immune function. " Real Extreme Masseur KENSHIN

AGE 23 years old
HEIGHT 5'10.5" (179cm.)
WEIGHT 165lbs. (75 kgs.)

We heard you, our Dearest Clients!

Now, you can pay directly for the Massages services to be rendered by REJI via Debit & Credit Card through Paypal, a secured, safe and encrypted payment processor. Just click on below if you see this [PAY NOW] on your preferred service.

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You're edge of direct payment would be;

☑️ It's just CREDIT! So, you can use your cash for your other needs.
☑️ No need to pay directly to our staff & masseur/s.
☑️ Pay the exact amount as specified here, no hidden charges.
☑️ Your reservation is secured & prioritized because you have confirmed and paid the services in advance. So, during the payment process you'll be asked to provide the following;
  • Name of the Masseur/s at your Preferred Date & Time,
  • Location / address "under Shipping Address" where you'd like our masseurs to serve you.
☑️ If you have fill-in those information above, you will still be directed to a reservation form to ensure that every details are clear for both you and RET.
☑️ If at any case, you missed the link of reservation form, you can always get back here and fill in this [RESERVE NOW] Form.
☑️ If you're in a hurry, then simply Call/Text/Tell us directly your Payment Transaction Details and you're good to go.
☑️ Enjoy your massage session! :)

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