RUZZEL, the Explorer & Masseur in One!

Hindi mo malalaman kung gaano ka kalakas; hanggang ang pagiging malakas ay ang tanging pagpipilian lamang na mayroon ka. | You will never know how strong you are; until being strong is the only option you have.

At a time when you are the only hope left, will you choose to continue to weaken until you are buried in the pit? No need to stand up, fight and use the remaining weapon - this is Courage. Sometimes no matter what we do and who we call, nobody cares but just ourselves. We are on our own, period.

Where does Courage come from? It is from skills and knowledge. These are the only things that will always be on my side in times of crisis and storms in life. Just go and go! As long as there is life, there is hope.

Like our massage, we also need the courage to adjust to the correct pressures especially when there are the stretching. The execution needs to be right so that our clients' bone won't break. W must deliver relief and comfort to our Clients.

AGE 26 years old
HEIGHT0 5' 4" (163cm.)
WEIGHT 130lbs. (59 kgs.)

Sa panahon na ikaw na lamang ang natitirang pag-asa, pipiliin mo pa bang patuloy na manghina hanggang sa mabaon ka na sa hukay? Hindi kailangan tumayo, lumaban at gamitin ang natitirang sandata - ito ang Lakas ng Loob. Minsan kahit anong gawin natin at kahit sinong tawagan natin, wala silang pakialam kundi ang natitira nalang ang sarili mo. 

Saan nanggagaling ang Lakas ng Loob? sa kakayahan at sa kaalaman. Ito lang ang lagi kong kakampi sa oras ng kagipitan at mga unos sa buhay. Go lang ng go! Hangga't may buhay, may pag-asa. 

Tulad ng aming pagmamasahe, kailangan namin ng lakas ng loob din para maisaayos ang tamang mga diin lalo na kapag may mga stretching. Kailangan tama ang execution para hindi mabalian ng buto ang aming mga klyente. Kundi makapahatid kami ng relief and comfort sa aming mga Klyente. 

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