DENVER, the Masseur with Mission to Satisfy Your Desired Pressure

Kapag hinawakan mo ang isang katawan; hinawakan mo ang buong katauhan, ang talino, ang espiritu at ang damdamin ng isang tao. | When you touch a body; you touch the whole person, the intellect, the spirit and the emotions of the person.

It is very important that when stroking there should also be a extreme caution because our body is the home of our soul. Our strength comes from the health of our bodies. The same as in the case of a massage, every pressure must be kept on any part of a Client's body in order to achieve what he desires to get rid of pain and stress in the body.

So as a masseur, I adjust each pressure in accordance to my Client desire so I ask my client if I am doing his/her desired pressure whether it is hard, moderate or soft pressure only. It is important that the client is comfortable while I am doing the stretching and massage. I always remember that every good massage, as a result, my client will be productive in whatever he/she does after coming home or going to work.

AGE 19 years old
HEIGHT 5'6" (167cm.)
WEIGHT 136lbs. (62 kgs.)
Napakahalaga na kapag humahagod ay may kaakibat din ng matinding pag-iingat dahil ay ating katawan ay tahanan ng ating kaluluwa. Ang ating lakas ay nagmumula sa kalusugan ng ating pangangatawan. Ganun din sa paghilot kailangan iniingatan ang bawat diin sa alinmang parte ng katawan ng isang klyente para makamit ang ninais nitong mawala ang mga sakit at stress sa katawan.

Kaya bilang masahista, aking inaayos ang bawat diin at tinatanong ko ang aking klyente kung akma ba sa kanyang nais na pressure kung ito ba'y hard, moderate or soft pressure lamang. Importante comportable ang klyente habang ini-stretching at minamasahe ko. Lagi kong tinatandaan na bawat maayos na masahe, resulta'y magiging productibo ang aking klyente sa anumang gagawin nito pag-uwi o pagpasok sa trabaho.

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