"Kung hindi ka marunog makinig, huwag magsalita; Kung hindi makita ang iyong pagkakamali, huwag kang mangatwiran. Ang resulta ang magpapatunay keysa ang mga salita lamang." (If u DON'T know how to LISTEN then DON'T SPEAK; if U can't recognize ur MISTAKE then DON'T JUSTIFY! RESULTS speaks than WORDS.)

It's so sad that many people, when notified of their wrong doings, they immediately defend themselves and throwing such mistakes to other people. They feel bad being informed or stopped of their wrong acts. They're afraid of truth because when they become honest, they're killing themselves on their own fire. They loved to blame others instead of doing the right thing.

Justify only when you are 100% sure of yourself that you'd be honest at all times.

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AGE 25 years old
HEIGHT 5'6" (168cm.)
WEIGHT 122lbs. (55kgs.)
Would you LIKE him?


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