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The Real Extreme Touch
A Great Massage That Touches Deeply on Your Heart

Real Extreme Touch (formerly Xtreme Massage) has been in existence of providing satisfactory massage service since year 2001.

On 21st May 2014, the new management embodied great changes empowering the values of its people and enhancing its facilities in order to serve its Clients with great atmosphere of revivals, refreshments, and relaxations.

Such values formation leads its people to the presence & importance of The Almighty, The Families of Each Employees, The Employees Themselves, The Clients & The Company in the midst of every single deeds.

Thereby, as the new management producing best people / employees, its services becomes more personal-oriented with heart-warming touches of quality massage services.

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  1. Being a Client of Xtreme Massage for a long time... the new management revives my enthusiasm to have a regular massage once more.

    Knowing some of the RET Masseurs, I always feel comfortable & relax with them not only because of their skills but because of their values towards their Clients.

    More Power RET!



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